1788-L & Josh Pan ‘Wicked’ Got a Face-Melting Remix by Kotek

Kotek has released an intense Dubstep remix of the track, ‘Wicked’ originally produced by the enigmatic producer 1788-L and Josh Pan. While the original artistic collaboration already has a buzzing pulse, this version hits and drops with a fierce force. This Kotek remix is flooded with a hyper-sensational Dubstep vitality. The skilled artist has given this tune a pulsating and crashing instrumental makeover that will transcend you into a maddening euphoria. This 1788-L remix definitely has us in knots and twists with its electrifying aura.

The Kotek remix of ‘Wicked’ opens with a mighty and immersive ambiance that gradually transforms into a pacey momentum. His take on the song maintains perfectly the sanctity of 1788-L & Josh Pan’s sublime release. However, the overlapping of mature vocals with crunchy riffs and pulsating basslines embed a puzzling frenzy into the tune. This remix comes rumbling with a simmering and sparkling spirit that will leave the listeners anticipating what’s next to come in this stunning number. The artist delivers an intoxicating ride with earth-shattering percussion and trance-inducing rhythms. This 1788-L remix explodes with a power-fueled atmosphere and an adrenaline-filled rush. 

The Dubstep heavy delivery oozes perfection and brilliance on this remix. The unique and impressive sound design of this version of ‘Wicked’ brims with alluring cadences that will entrap the listeners in its fiery passion. The sharp-edged elements highlight the sonorous rhythms of this intense song. Whereas the catchy and hypnotizing vocals evoke a lavish and evocative mood in the Kotek remix. The dynamic artist has assaulted the 1788-L & Josh Pan track with enchanting and stirring impulses to pull through striking synth lines. The aggressive themes forged with the driving beats form a skillfully arranged song structure that results in a stellar production. 

The 1788-L remix is a hard-hitting storm that will rattle the listeners with its insane galvanizing energy. ‘Wicked’ is an artistic blend of relentless cycles and intense tempo that echoes and reverberates with clarity. This remix is an extremely vigorous affair, splashed with astonishing swings and frantic motifs, resulting in it becoming an ultimate festival banger. This potent Dubstep delivery from 1788-L & Josh Pan is accentuated by the rib-rattling vibe that intoxicates the listeners’ senses. The symphonic frenzy and destruction on this remix show Kotek’s real mettle. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Stream ‘1788-L – Wicked ft. Josh Pan (Kotek Remix)’ on YouTube below!

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More About Kotek:

Drummer, Guitarist, Vocalist, Electronic music producer. I aim to bring something new to the electronic dance music community. There is still too much separation between organic and electric sound. I dream of a world where we co-exist.

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