Best New FUTURE HOUSE Feat. Goldroom, Ellie Goulding and More! [Week 13]


That new sound that people are calling Future house, that sound that was once part of Deep House and that DJ Zinc baptized Crack House a few years back when he was one of the only producers to exploit that sound. Now more and more producers are leaving the Big Room and Progressive House boat to try their luck with this new trend! Like it or not, its great music for an opening set if you ask me. This is a true all-star playlist, let us know if you want more of this future house, maybe we can make this a weekly feature! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share the good music!

This playlist features music by Bad Life, Cranks, Die Antwoord, Goldroom, Gryffin, Holyman, John Newman, Lunar Apex, Mapei, Motez, MSCLS, SAGE THE GEMINI, Ellie Goulding, Porter Robinson, Spaveech, Pharrell, Kayliox and more!

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