Best of [EDM] Feat. Calvin Harris, Slander and More! [Week 45]

This Festival House music playlist has so many hidden gems, you really have do dig deep nowadays to find more “underground” artists, it seems most of the EDM blogs just blog all the same music and post playlists that are basically all the same! At EKM, we get you the best of free downloads available on the interwebz, we spend a lot of time to dig so that you don’t have to do it! We are proud to provide music that hasn’t been blogged before and I think that it is probably one of the reasons why you are here reading this today! Whether you are a DJ or not, having amazing music that only a very few people have is always great for your library. 9 free downloads is on the menu today, enjoy the good music! This massive Electro House, Progressive House and Big Room music features music by Hardwell, AFmuzik, Soakerz, Calvin Harris, Triio, 2blastguns, Shwann, Shotgun Symphony, Snow Patrol, Mikado, Adrian Hawkins, Jack U, Slander, Albert Neve and Manuel Galey.

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