Marie.Bel – Too Much (Grandmax production)

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Marie.Bel - Too Much (Grandmax production)

Marie.Bel – Too Much is beautiful and breathtaking, in every aspect. The song in itself is intoxicating, it immediately fills you with a lush melancholic feeling. Marie.Bel’s voice is hypnotic, her vocal is pure bliss and her work breathes of heartfelt passion. As for the instrumental, Grandmax composed a flawless, grandiose midtempo opus. We often get exposed to very heavy and raw midtempo music, like Rezz and Gesaffelstein, which are amazing but very radical, what Grandmax accomplished here is bringing out the beauty and emotion into this usually very dark genre using an intense bassline with rich strings and synths. “Too Much” is available now on Spotify and Itunes.

Stream  Marie.Bel – Too Much (Grandmax production) below and download it on itunes here.


More about Marie.Bel:

It was right after seeing the show ‘’Cirque du Soleil – Alegria’’ that this young girl from Canada realized she wanted to make music. After winning the ‘’Coup de coeur (Favorite)’ at Magog Song’s Discoveries in 2005, Marie decided to focus on music extensively. She then learned 150 songs in 2 weeks and flew to Atlantic City and Indonesia with a musical group for 5 months. Upon her return, she successfully completed a Jazz baccalaureate at the University of Montreal. Finalist of the competition of composers Sherbrooklyn in 2014, Marie.Bel also participated to The Voice (La Voix) in 2016 .

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