DJ Tease unveils tribute to 2000s-2010s DnB with “So Hot”

German producer and pioneer of the German DnB scene, DJ Tease brings a tribute to the late 2000s early 2010s with his new single "So Hot".
German producer and pioneer of the German DnB scene, DJ Tease brings a tribute to the late 2000s early 2010s with his new single "So Hot".

South Germany’s ambassador of DnB music DJ Tease is out with a new single that is a tribute to the late 2000s and early 2010s scene with a seven-minute track titled So Hot. DJ Tease references that period as a time when the process for beat matching was lengthier before current technology allowed it to be quicker and thus, tracks were longer during that period compared to the modern three-minute length singles. So Hot is the third single released for 2024 by DJ Tease following the releases of the jazz-influenced Hear My Call and the dark and adventurous track Run This. DJ Tease – So Hot is a lengthier track that doesn’t waste a second throughout its seven minutes of DnB goodness.

All layers and sections for So Hot are built upon a repeating chord progression that is present throughout the entire song and outlined by a sharp-edged but warm-sounding synth drone. The progression is accompanied by a vamping dry bell synth bringing an extra layer of movement on top of the brisk drum beat. The sonic focus of the track alternates from soulful female vocalizations to a charged pulsing lead synth that follows the repeating chord progression. Breakdown sections occur throughout the song where the beat drops out while maintaining the solo synth drone that continues the repeated chord progression and highlights all of the captivating movement and ear candy happening around it. The soulful vocalizations also continue as the focus during the breakdowns before the beat returns and transitions back to the pulsing lead synth focus.

Little intricacies continue to dazzle throughout So Hot whether it’s the record scratch transitions or trying to identify all the instruments accompanying the song’s midpoint breakdown section. The track concludes with one final breakdown section that washes out into nothing. In the end, the track is seven minutes well spent and we are delighted to recommend DJ Tease – So Hot as it is now available for streaming. It’s great that we can continue to rely that good modern DnB music will still hit hard regardless of whether it’s three minutes long or in its retro longer form.

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