3e4t unveils deep & emotional new DnB album “Existence”

3e4t unveils his deep, dreamy and emotional new DnB album Existence reflecting human existence and the art of human emotions.
3e4t unveils his deep, dreamy and emotional new DnB album Existence reflecting human existence and the art of human emotions.

Chicago-based producer 3e4t is out with a new album of unique ambient DnB tracks titled Existence. This new album for 2024 follows a busy 2023 for 3e4t which included a collaboration album of ambient music titled Tales From The Valley that also included track submissions from fellow producers SL4SHGRL and JulesPods. 3e4t also released the EP Grief in 2023 where each ambient track represented one of the five different stages of grief. Despite their last couple of releases being mostly ambient works, 3e4t is no stranger to the DnB music scene as their breakout single Dispirited Spectrum. from 2022, as well as the two follow-up singles titled i’m not sure, and Wanna Break From The Ads?, were all DnB tracks.

The building blocks for each track on 3e4t – Existence include a thick and rich orchestral ambiance that is the song’s life force and is present throughout the song’s entirety. These various ambiances engulf the soon-to-follow DnB grooves like a comforting blanket for the listener while also aided by powerful bass drones. The sonic focus for each track usually comes in the form of synthetic wooden-pitched percussion instrument motifs that will etch their way into your mind from repetition. The title track from the album, Existence, is a great representation of the same building blocks that make up each track on the album as it features two pitched percussion motifs that act as melody and counter-melody to each other and work brilliantly whether they are solo or in tandem.

While all tracks on the album feature those building blocks of ambiance, groove, and melodic focus, the outros for each track also carry the weight in making each song its own unique story as they range from a heavily filtered muffled human voice speaking on the track titled 333, to a very fitting tranquil atmospheric ambiance as portrayed in the track Peace. 3e4t – Existence is now available for streaming and you will find it to be a go-to album for those looking to satisfy their need for both ambient music mixed with lively DnB grooves.

Listen to the full album now on your favorite streaming app here!

Stream the 3e4t – Existence album on Spotify below!

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