Arcando joins DnB Allstars w/ massive “Buss Back” (ft Hachi Day)

After his epic collab "Get So Lost", Arcando joins DnB Allstars with the massive new 2024 Drum & Bass song "Buss Back (ft Hachi Day)".
After his epic collab "Get So Lost", Arcando joins DnB Allstars with the massive new 2024 Drum & Bass song "Buss Back (ft Hachi Day)".

Arcando has been on fire for 2024 starting the year off with the poppy dance track When I’m Gone which featured the vocals of Micah Martin and also included some fun DnB teasers towards its conclusion. The teasers provided some top-notch foreshadowing as the next two releases from Arcando were high-energy DnB tracks in Don’t Tell Me and the powerful Get So Lost which featured the legendary vocals of Gracie Van Brunt. The run of DnB goodness now continues with the new Arcando & DnB Allstars 2024 song Buss Back which features the vocals of Hachi Day. You will want to strap yourself in for this joy ride as a lot is thrown at you in its three-minute and twenty-second duration.

Arcando – Buss Back (ft Hachi Day) opens with a mind-etching high-pitched xylophone motif that is accompanied by a rich and vibrating bass drone. The introduction continues to build with the addition of chant vocals in which the listener will feel the urge to want to chant along. A stoking bass line accompanies the chant vocals and continues as Hachi Day’s lead vocals take over in an electrifying fashion with a boost from some intense kick drum that makes way for the main DnB groove to drop. Arcando puts on a master class in quick-shifting sonic focuses during the main groove portion of Buss Back producing head-nodding results as the listener is treated to a mix of bass flashes, insane wobbles, and continued vocal drops from Hachi Day constantly flying past you.

If you’re like us, you will want to have multiple listening sessions of Buss Back, the new 2024 Arcando & DnB Allstars song as you will discover a new favorite part each time amongst its cornucopia of unique fast-changing focuses. At the halfway point of the year, Arcando has provided great fuel for the coming festival season with his recent releases. Arcando – Buss Back (ft Hachi Day) is the most recent of those gifts that keep on giving. More releases are sure to come in what has already been an epic year for Arcando and we will stand by with bated breath awaiting them.

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