ToMix drops massive Club heater “Outta My Mind” [June 21]

ToMix just unveiled his first original song of 2024, the banging new Tech House club anthem "Outta My Mind" via Gold Digger Records.
ToMix just unveiled his first original song of 2024, the banging new Tech House club anthem "Outta My Mind" via Gold Digger Records.

If you’re on the look out for a banging new 2024 Tech House club anthem, then look no further than ToMix – Outta My Mind, the latest single from a talented and dynamic producer who has previously seen support from the likes of David Guetta, Marshmello and DJ Snake. Released on renowned record label Gold Digger records, this new ToMix 2024 song is bound to sit well with club-goers everywhere, with its fresh mix of gritty synths, popping bass and hi-hat-heavy beats coming together to create a song that celebrates the underground club scene.

“It’s a song that I made with a lot of passion for underground House music” said the artist of ToMix – Outta My Mind. “I was experimenting with some synths and my voice to create this club-ready piece. I believe it has the perfect amount of danceability and uniqueness to get the right attention in the clubs”. Listening to the track, we can only agree; designed to grab listeners’ attention from the very beginning, it uses its resonant, distorted vocals that celebrate club culture (“feel that beat inside”) along with a simple but effective bassline to really get across the message that it’s a new 2024 Tech House club anthem.

However, although this new 2024 ToMix and Gold Digger Records song is undoubtedly designed to be club-ready, it might also appeal to those who like their Tech House more on the unusual side, given the track’s unique structure and production flourishes. Instead of focusing specifically on build-ups and drops, for instance, ToMix – Outta My Mind instead retains a similar level of energy throughout its three-minute duration, feature the occasional burst of additional synth melody or an alteration to the sounds it uses to keep the momentum up.

Consequently, the track makes a distinctive addition to ToMix’s current body of work. It might have been written specifically to be played in clubs, but no doubt it will also appeal to Tech House fans who enjoy hearing a little bit of variety and individuality within the genre.

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