Yulio – Earth (New Album on Kraftoptical) [IDM / Electronica]

Yulio - Earth (New Album on Kraftoptical) EKM
Yulio - Earth (New Album on Kraftoptical) EKM

Yulio is back with his third album, entitled “Earth”, and it is an absolutely hypnotic musical journey! From IDM, Trip Hop, Breaks and Chill-Out, the album is very diversified and offers flavors from a bit everywhere in the Indie Electronic music spectrum.

The album is transporting, it is a true musical introspection, the ambiance is trippy and enigmatic, it is one of those albums that you start from track one, close your eyes and let the music penetrate your soul.

While the album has an ethereal experimental feel, the sound design is very impressive and fresh, it is finely-calibrated to really maximize the cerebral impact and evolution of the journey.

It feels good to experience something unique in the electronic music world, most of the music released nowadays is rarely original nor fresh, way too many producers are copying others’ sound, but not Yulio, his sound is infectious and he delivers a unique atmosphere that would make a terrific OST for a sci-fi movie.

Grab your headphones and let him transport you into this deep cerebral and spacial musical journey.

Yulio & Kraftoptical are definitely two entities to keep on your radar for quality Indie Electronic, IDM and Electronica music, make sure to follow them on their social networks to stay up to date with their releases.

Stream Earth on Soundcloud below and download it on Bandcamp.

More about Yulio:

Chilean resident in Croatia, after living many years in Barcelona, he has spent almost 20 years dedicated to electronic music, and now to the most experimental sounds. Everything started in the north of Chile in the year 2000, where he started as a DJ in different events (Upspace). After graduating as Sound Technician in Santiago de Chile, he was one of the musical pioneers in the north of the country where he explored sounds from Techno, House and Psytrance.

In 2003, he immigrated to Barcelona where he absorbed and acquired all the wisdom of the city, where in 2006, he created KRAFTOPTICAL.  In 2011, with almost 70 releases of producers from all over the globe, he started editing his own material. In 2013, he produced his first album “Future Elqui”. The album received great responses, especially in the experimental circles of the circuit. Then his “Secrets” (EP) and second album “Contact Interestelar “produced in Australia (Melbourne), introduced a particular spatial sound, with the heart and soul focused on the mysteries of the Universe.

With his “astrospacecraft“ EP edited in 2018, he achieved great reactions, especially in his country of origin Chile. Today, he is taking us in new directions with his new album “Earth”.

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