[TRANCE] Interview with SERI

You may have heard her on Markus Schulz latest album Scream and even more lately on her collaboration with 4 Strings : Ready To Fall. Powerful vocals and dreamy voice, I had the chance to ask Seri a couple of questions so we can dive into her world.
EK : First of all, I got to ask : What has drawn you to Electronic Dance Music more than any other genre?
SERI : I was doing demos to start….all types of demos, but it wasn’t until I sang on a dance track (“Never Forget You”, that went to #5 on Billboard) that caught my attention and brought me to the EDM world. The genre has wonderful fans and audience. It’s a really high energy genre compared to any other kind of music. It’s great!
EK : Great ! You started off your career being known as LALA and have since gone by SERI; How did the name change come about?
SERI : LALA is a nickname given to me at birth. However, my grandfather called me SERI. I always related to my grandfather the most in my family and he strongly believed in my talent. Therefore, I changed my name to SERI in honor and remembrance of him. It’s a much stronger name for me than LALA.
EK : It sure has a strong meaning to you. Now, what song made you realize that you wanted to be a vocalist?‬
SERI : Well I knew I wanted to be a star when I was 4 years old and I saw Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video on TV. I was mesmerized. But I didn’t realize I love singing and that I really had a voice until I started mimicking Mariah Carey’s “Emotion” and then of course, Whitney’s “Body Guard” album was epic for me!
EK : In the same way, who are your influences, both vocally and lyrically speaking?
SERI : I love Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey – the divas of voice! Lyrically influenced (as well as my artist role model) would be Madonna. She always writes lyrics from her heart, from the truth she knows, and from her real life experience. I admire that.
EK :The creative process has its ups and downs– what would you say are the easiest and hardest parts of your craft?
SERI : Performing on stage is really the cream of the job – the reward! The hardest part is getting yourself out there, getting people to be aware of your music, and who you are. Although I am used to working hard, there are forever challenges in the industry; therefore, the hard work is continuous and does not let up. Regardless, I love recording, writing, and performing!
EK : How would you describe your style as vocalist, what would you say distinguishes your music from other vocalists in EDM?‬
‪SERI : Well my manager calls me the Enya of EDM ..lol..which is kinda true. I love harmonies…a wall of vocals. It’s powerful, and it evokes great emotions. I think vocals in music these days (in all genres) are very different now than it was…there is less harmonies, less adlibs, less complex vocal phrasing. I tend to like the richness of harmonies. ‬
EK : As a singer and as a listener, what do you like to hear in a vocal track?‬
SERI : An outstanding voice! Honest and poetic lyrics with imagery. Emotion from the vocalist. Harmonies. Dynamics in the song and voice.
EK : For you, which place in the world is most inspiring?
SERI : New York City inspires me for action – for the hustle – for the drive – for the excitement and intensity of life. But Vancouver, Canada (where I was raised) inspires me spiritually. The beauty of nature there is supernatural. Absolutely stunning.
EK : ‪If you could perform at any non-conventional venue on Earth, where would it be?‬
SERI : I actually have performed in many non-conventional venues already..lol..but I think somewhere in the remote wilderness would be really cool…on a mountain top, on the moon, on ocean floors under water 🙂
‪EK : What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any unusual hobbies?‬
SERI : I took up cooking lately which is very therapeutic. I love to exercise. I am also learning how to knit!
‪EK : Nice, you should knit the Electrokill Media logo for us :p
EK : What’s next for 2013?‬
SERI : I have lots more releases coming up as well as live performances. Keep your ear out for SERI and some great songs to come!!! 🙂
Thanks for taking time to answer our questions SERI.
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