Crash Comet Drops Lit DnB Bootleg of Sukh Knight’s ‘Parabat’

Crash Comet, Sukh Knight, Drum and Bass playlist

The fusion of vibrant Indian musical nuances with the DnB genre comes alive in Crash Comet’s bootleg version of the track, ‘Parabat.’ Originally released in 2011 by the talented Dubstep DJ and producer Sukh Knight, the track is also known as ‘Slang Like This.’ Comet has given the track a whole new makeover with a more sinister and spirited vibe. It is a track that will absolutely make your Drum and Bass playlists lit.

The latest release ‘Parabat’ by Crash Comet is an intensely captivating and effortlessly beautiful affair. This track is powered with crispy drums, hypnotic leads, and sultry hooks. It is a slick production with foreign vocalized snippets that will surely frenzy the crowds. He transformed Sukh Knight’s track with a heavy bass infused direction and synchronous drums while retaining an emotive use of the melody. The track is crystallized with lush harmonies and effervescent pads to form an ethereal vibe. The hard-edged percussion lends an atmospheric curiosity in addition to the intoxicating bass and crunchy synths.

This bootleg of ‘Parabat’ kicks off with intricate and characterful percussion. The immense grasp of melody instantly hooks you in. He has skillfully layered the track with an enigmatic, almost dream-like quality. Whereas, the hard-hitting rhythms through the mix add dimension to the track. This is an enthralling piece that is filled with a sense of muted euphoria and yearning. The song has an intense aura with a rolling bassline and dynamic synth that exudes unabated exuberance. There is a powerful yet subtle influence of funkiness that can be felt in this unison. It certainly deserves a spot in your Drum and Bass playlists.

Comet’s take on ‘Parabat’ has done justice to the original by Sukh Knight. His version of the track rolls through apexes where the break intermingles into unified cadences of infectious grooviness. This song is a superb combination of dark and vibrant arrangements with an other-worldly vibe. It is a perfect companion to relish the fall ambiance!

Stream ‘Sukh Knight – Parabat (Crash Comet Bootleg)’ on SoundCloud below!

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More About Crash Comet:

Liquid Drum & Bass Producer/DJ from London, UK. Currently based in Bangalore, India.

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