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The corroding tension of the new acidic song 3 Days Awake by Marco Faraone & Stella Bossi will make you enter the 24/7 raving mode and forget about sleep. As the refrain of the hard & catchy Techno banger repeats the phrase about being 3 Days Awake – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the listener gradually goes into a trance with the bass-charged instrumental arranged to gain in momentum after each bar.

The approach of Marco Faraone & Stella Bossi to the boiling pot of energy, that 3 Days Awake is, takes the subtle inventiveness and progressive arrangement as its 2 core components, and grows the song further from those. The Ibiza-based DJ is not afraid to fill the track with aggression and underground rawness – something you would expect from the author of 2021’s epic Timeless. The difference is that where the latter was alluring with its coldness and dramatic intensity coming from the weighty synth melodies, the new Marco Faraone & Stella Bossi song does the same using the opposite set of tools.

Coming from a producer with Hip-Hop and DnB backgrounds, it still takes the grittiness and aggressiveness as something to build the aesthetics upon, but does it in a way that makes the concrete hard Techno banger sound as catchy as a Melodic House song. On one hand, the track’s menacing melodic basis sounds like a throwback to the dark Techno sound of the late 90s, on the other, the tongue-in-cheek vibes from the refrain “3 Days Awake – Friday, Saturday, Sunday” wash away this feeling, turning the references into merely an aesthetic superstructure. Nevertheless, Marco Faraone & Stella Bossi don’t try to guide the listeners through the song by showing them the one and only right path, and this freedom of interpretation makes the song much more enjoyable.

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