FVLCRVM – attentioncore remixed EP is OUT NOW!

Fvlcrvm - Bad Blood (Panteros666 Remix), Attencore Remixed EP, new Panteros666 music, MOM I MADE IT

The hype behind FVLCRVM – attentioncore remixed EP that came out in summer 2020 was quite unreal. And if you are still rocking to the extended play, then we have got great news for you. The talented DJ/producer has released his attentioncore Remixed EP! This record contains the amazing and bouncy Panteros666 remix of ‘Bad Blood.’ Dropped on the label MOM I MADE IT, FVLCRVM – BAD  BLOOD (Panteros666 Remix) is designed with energizing drum sections and melodic pulses that will send you to a dark and groovy zone. This new Panteros666 music is definitely a great addition to his discography!

FVLCRVM – BAD BLOOD (Panteros666 Remix) is a Tech House tune that will lead the festivals and raves into a maddening frenzy. The remixing artist has made sure that the original flavor of the track remained intact, which was absolutely the way to go considering how legendary the original is. Issued on MOM I MADE IT; this new Panteros666 music is treated with trunk-rattling beats and fluctuating rhythms. The remix is spun with fast-paced energy that will shake the ground beneath your feet. Panteros666 has unleashed powerful basslines, oscillating synths, and twisted percussion in the mix to alter the aura of the Indie Electronic elements. It’s the fiery combination of hi-hats and filtered vocal processing that widens the sonic landscapes into dizzying realms. This nostalgic and reflective affair featured on the FVLCRVM – attentioncore remixed EP is a dazzling display of magnificent sound design.

The pulsating cadences on this new Panteros666 music feel extremely potent. The opulence of bouncy drops gives the tune a forceful edginess that will levitate the listeners into addictive dimensions. Presented by the label MOM I MADE IT, the fans will truly appreciate the magic of this version of ‘Bad Blood.’ We’re sure that this spellbinding tune on the FVLCRVM – attentioncore remixed EP will leave a lasting impact on the minds of Tech House & Future House fans. 

Also on the FVLCRVM – attentioncore remixed EP is a fresh remix of Silicon Fields by Berlin based DJ and producer KASPERG! You might already know KASPERG as the founder of Lost Favourite Records or as one half of the Elite Tennis Club. With an outstanding use of the soft and inviting vocals by FVLCRVM, the Silicon Fields remix brings a very easy on the ear vibe with inspiring and dreamy melodic arrangements. The energetic Future Garage-style beat also keeps the track perfectly energized throughout while maintaining a soft aura, it will simply leave you wanting more.

While many producers on the EDM scene just try to copy trendy genres (like hundreds are doing with Slap House at the moment), we are truly blessed to have artists like FVLCRVM, KASPERG and Panteros666, they abide by no musical restrictions, they are extremely creative and, well, the results are fresh and very addictive!

I think it is fair to say that only one listen to the FVLCRVM – attentioncore remixed EP will be enough to convince you to follow these artists! They are starting the year in a big way and we can’t wait to hear what these ingenious and innovative music producers will do next!

Stream ‘FVLCRVM – Bad Blood (Panteros666 Remix)’ on YouTube below!

Stream ‘FVLCRVM – Silicon Fields (KASPERG Remix)’ on YouTube below!

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More About FVLCRVM:

On the tipping edge between mainstream & underground, Eastern Europe suburbs embossed artist FVLCRVM is a celebration of unpredictability. ADHD distorted production of niche club genres meets mellow pop musicality with reinvented 90s vibe. Borrowing a name from a mad Russian jet fighter FVLCRVM found a form in inconsistency. His rebirth from a producer to a singer songwriter came with the song Hi!, which ended up in the best 100 tracks of 2017 on Spotify’s renowned Fresh Finds Playlist. With his most recent follow up Words Loose Meaning EP, FVLCRVM offered a crisp and eloquent take on pop music and provided the viewer with a peek into a mind-blowing version of a dystopian future. The track “Words” caught attention of Kevin Cole who crowned it a KEXP’s Song of the Day 2020 as one of the few singles from Eastern Europe. His live shows are burning the bridge between a DJ set and vocal/instrumental performance and this crosslink will be heavily reflected on his upcoming 5 track EP. Issued on MOM I MADE IT, FVLCRVM – Bad Blood (Panteros666 Remix) has now been released.

More About Panteros666:

Producer, DJ and generally multimedia designer, Panteros666 is one of the four creators of Club cheval and a former pillar of Bromance. Merging the lines between anthemic melodies, melodic house and innovative sound design, he has created his own augmented reality performance, ‘Hyper Reality Live show’ with Kinect technologies and 3D live visuals. It’s time for Panteros666 to reveal his new singles, bringing together club culture and digital art, led by him and Ines Alpha. The FVLCRVM – Bad Blood (Panteros666 Remix) has now been issued.

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