DJ NOYL – Glitchmas mixtape [GLITCH]

Noyl just dropped his new mixtape today, what a great christmas gift! If you don’t know the name, Noyl is a turntablist from France, I saw him perform many times and it’s always so amazing, this guy has mad skills and he knows how to rock a crowd! If he comes to a city near you make sure you get your tickets fast, a must see! His new mixtape is totally dope, if you’re into Glitch, you need this in your library!

Download Glitchmas mixtape

Noyl – glitchmas mixtape

Disintagrate – Samples (NOYL SCRATCH REFIX)
Nicoise – Samples
Quantum Peeps – The polish Ambassador
Wrecked – Analog, K-Lab (Opiuo mix)
All in – DCarls
TriLLogy – Ill Gates, Opiuo, Vent
Square – Lokid
The Freaky Bean – Opiuo
Monkey Crunk – Opiuo
Corona – Samples
Monastary – Turnsteak
Slicing = MC2
Who’s Pad – Lokid
Return to Atlantis – Samples
The Furure holds a beat – Virtual Boy

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