Aalson – Rêver EP (Original & Reverse Mixes) (MV) | Sinners

The Toulouse-based visionary Techno producer Aalson releases his new concept-driven Rêver EP, aided by a meditative music video and two mirrored versions of the song. Both the music video, and the version of the song on reverse, are produced in a way that, when played together, challenge the mind and force us to view the structure of the mix from new perspectives after each listen.

It’s an experimental release not only if you compare it to the other releases in the genre, but also for the French producer himself, who is better known for Melodic, yet groovy Techno releases like Last One with Minorah or the mysterious solo number Failure. And it’s not that the new Aalson song and music video lack any of those two elements: the gorgeous synth arpeggios, along with the subtle percussive sections, contrasted to the epic solo drum hits on the Rêver EP must be very well familiar to the fans of the artist.

However, the difference and the experimental feel here come from the way those are implemented and arranged on the release. Aalson navigates through the song like a Buddhist monk: every beat on the track is measured, every pad is carved with a great sense of focus and control. Yet, with all this discipline, there’s an omnipresent feeling of freedom and ease that surrounds you when you listen to the song and music video on reverse. Aalson doesn’t force the listeners to empathize by throwing intense and impactful production at them, but, rather, allows them to take a part in his journey, which arguably is the most effective way to leave a long-lasting positive impression.

Watch the Aalson – Rêver EP (Official Music Video) on YouTube below!

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