AN_NA Fight The Power In Dark Techno New Track ‘Work’

AN_NA - No Future Is Now Reality - dark Techno music

Alain and Anna, two Quebecers, have a long musical history together. Before their current incarnation AN_NA, the pair were in the Alt Rock band Armes & Cycles. However, they’ve changed direction. Quite dramatically as well. Their new track ‘Work’ is fresh off of their album ‘No Future Is Now Reality’. The grim title mocks the mood of the world and the music echoes it. Their sound is raw, industrial, and unforgiving. Far from their organic roots, this is dark Techno music with a point to make.

The tempo of ‘Work’ is slow for Techno, but the track’s aggression is palpable. The kick works with the bass to create a driving rhythm. Cymbals and effects create a hostile, oppressive atmosphere and set the tone for the track. AN_NA have managed to distill nihilism into a sound. The lyrical delivery is repetitive and droning, reflecting their attitudes towards the rat race. The imagery used in the music video also reinforces the anti-work theme. In every way, this track is moody, resentful, and intoxicating dark Techno music.

The album “No Future Is Now Reality’ promises even more angst. It covers the full spectrum of Techno, and it varies a lot in energy. AN_NA have an outstanding way of creating a mood with their music. But they manage to maintain the same atmosphere, they have in ‘Work’, throughout the whole ten-track album.  

Their alternative roots have given them a unique musical background and a huge pool of influence to draw from. This is why their sound is so dynamic and so unlike a lot of other Techno at the moment. AN-NA’s tracks are diligently produced, and their dark, atmospheric, Punk-infused sound is as poetic as it is powerful.

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More About AN-NA:

This artistic multi-disciplined project celebrates the 25 years of the musical duet founded by Anne and Alain, formerly of the alternative rock band Armes & Cycles. Under the banner of AN_NA, they integrate technology to their rock sound, inherited from their past. AN_NA est un groupe électro-rock alternatif montréalais. Alain et Anne SALVAGNIAC, fondateurs du groupe rock alternatif Armes & Cycles qui a fêté ses 25 ans d’existence, se produisent maintenant sous la bannière d’AN_NA, qui intègre la technologie à un son résolument rock hérité de son passé. Le duo a pour objectif d’explorer sous différentes formes de performances, l’évolution de la philosophie anarchiste à travers le temps et l’expérience « @AN_NA ne triche pas. »