ROMBE4T drops banging Techno single “Rock To The Rhythm”

ROMBE4T - Rock To The Rhythm Cover

ROMBE4T is back with his first release of 2020 and this time he switched things up a bit and delivered an infectious and high-energy blend of Techno and Tech House. We featured his feel-good soulful House EP “FEEL ME” a few months back and we are very pleased to feature his brand new single that just got released on UFO Recordz.

“Rock To The Rhythm” is really a pure club anthem, it delivers a heavy beat and bass drum, the bassline is fluid and offers an intoxicating groove that will make festival and club crowds dance uncontrollably. It is accessible, delivers a great festive energy, and offers subtle influences from garage and deep house. The vocal is extremely catchy and his drum programming and percussion are simply on another level, and will keep you wanting for more!

ROMBE4T has had an impressive career and musical journey on the House and Techno music scene so far, he received support from top producers like DJ ROOG, Lenny Fontana, JasP, Glen Honsborough, Jack Kandi, Rob Boskamp, Cedric Gervais, Sound Fausto, Brisk, Mike La Funk and Vanilla Ace.

Stream ROMBE4T – Rock To The Rhythm on Spotify and Soundcloud below and grab your copy on Beatport!

More about ROMBE4T:

ROMBE4T is a producer with a passion for infectious soulful house vibes.

Feel good house music is the best way to describe the sound of ROMBE4T. So far his life is immersed in music and at the very first house music tunes fell in love with this genre and it has been so ever since. ROMBE4T (previous DJ Ryan and Brainchild) provided performances to many thousands of event–goers since his first DJ set back in the early 90’s.

After a sabbatical ROMBE4T returned back to his roots with quality melodic house music. He is ambitious and driven in achieving his goals for 2019: 10 singles releases and DJ gigs in London, Ibiza and Amsterdam.

In the past year ROMBE4T has scored several top chart positions on Beatport (4 top 10 positions, 2 frontpage Hype Picks and Opening Set Fundamental) and number one postion on DJ website Kings of Spins. Gaining support from DJ ROOG, Jack Kandi, Richie Hawtin, Rob Boskamp, Andi Durant, Sound Fausto, Brisk, Mike La Funk and Vanilla Ace to name a few. Also radio stations like Radio Party Groove Italy, Ciberdelia, Public House UK, Warm FM, Deep in Radio, Muzikman Edition and Kross Well Radio Show are picking up on his releases as well as housemusic websites like and

What DJ’s and fans are saying about his music:

• ‘Thank you so much ROMBE4T for this promo I will play it with pleasure on Blaqhol Radio and via Mixcloud and Full support’

• ‘Really nice funky groove! Support in my Club House Radio Show’

• ‘Cool, soulful house tune, feelin the vibes..’

• ‘Absolutely Loving this!’

ROMBE4T released music on labels like ID&T Music, Bonzai Records, Chrono Records, Universal Music Dance and published via Strengholt Music Publishing. Currently signed at Bass Rebels Records, 99 WAVES Records, Vivifier Records, Urban Sound of Amsterdam, Instant Groove Records, Deeplomatic Recordings and In It Together Records.

ROMBE4T’s versatility is shown by his multi musical abilities. He has the ability to venture back to the roots of dance music in a way that is in keeping with the contemporary needs of current audience demands: Quality feel good house music.

Teaching the talented how to master their music skills;

ROMBE4T is keen to share his knowledge, skills, energy and passion for the business with others. Always has been and in 2015 he came across some young talented boys which fired up the passion for producing even further by sharing his knowledge. He has been working as their producer instructor for the past years.

By providing a solid basis of knowledge for talented, up-and-coming producers, he is investing his skills and experience in the future of music, and making a positive contribution to society.

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