Daniel Villegas – Environmental Spoken Word Poem [HipHop]

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Daniel Villegas - Environmental Spoken Word Poem

Daniel Villegas – Environmental Spoken Word Poem is what you would get if Dope DOD had conscious and sophisticated lyrics. Daniel Villegas’ music provide fresh and brilliant lyrics, progressive riotous instrumental with beatbox elements and a passionate raw energy. So it’s time to put that mumble autotune bullsh!t hip hop aside and make room for some real tight rap.

More about Daniel Villegas:
Daniel A. Villegas is a bilingual Latino Emcee and Poet from South America, Colombia living in New York with both spanish and english in his repertoire. He uses his verses and rap in such a style that meets the high demand of bilingual speaking people. He seeks something new, something fresh and something unique with his delivery in his music and hopes that the listener will go back and forth from spanish to english with him as he interweaves his Hip Hop. He regularly steps outside the prescribed lifestyle matrix and embarks on a journey to promote greater individual & group consciousness with his audience wherever he performs.

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