Turbine returns with slapping Big Beat single “BassQuake”

The new song Reality by French turntablist trio Turbine brings a deep & brooding Drum and Bass sound that blends turntablism & Bass music.
Photo by Bruno Destombes (https://www.instagram.com/bruno_destombes)

The French trio of turntable masters Turbine is out with a new intense track titled BassQuake. It is a mix of turntablism & Big Beat music that continues a precedent set by Turbine of using classic techniques that provide a big modern sound as heard in their previous tracks like the futuristic sounding Mind Control, as well as their charged thriller of a track in Reality. Turbine – BassQuake is their first release for 2024 and it follows their final release from 2023 in the mind-bending and next-level single Bounce That. You’ll want to strap in as you listen to BassQuake as it successfully lives up to its title.

BassQuake spends the track constantly throwing edgy ground-shaking bass swells of varying timbres and frequencies at the listener. The groove has a sound as if it was produced from a doumbek drum on steroids with its deep thumping bass hits and bright-sounding rhythmic pops. If the myriad of bass swells isn’t enough to raise your heart rate, the constant alternating voice drops full of impressive timing and editing should do the trick. While all of the entities that make BassQuake are constantly taking new turns, one impressive section is the brief breakdown at the song’s mid-section which has the drums drop out allowing for the impressive mix of bass swells and rhythmic voice drops to maintain the intensity on their own as quick drum turnarounds make way for the full groove to enter once more.

Many moments will have the listener’s head nodding in approval throughout Turbine – BassQuake. With each listen you will discover new moments that you might have previously missed as all of its intricacies are quick and constant which is what makes the track such a fast-paced joyride. For fans of both turntablism & Big Beat music, you will not want to miss out on BassQuake as well as the back catalog from Turbine which is at a half dozen tracks now since their debut in 2022. BassQuake is now available for streaming and it creates a real head-banger of a start to 2024 for Turbine leaving listeners in high anticipation of what is to come next from the trio.

Stream Turbine – BassQuake on Spotify below!

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