Thomas Anthony & Seelo Go ‘Wild’ w/ New Bass House Anthem

The winning combination of Thomas Anthony and Seelo are back at it again with a haywire collaboration on the track ‘Wild.’ Following their previous collaborative releases, ‘Dat Beat Go,’ ‘Money’ and ‘I Don’t Know,’ the duo have proved once again that they sure know how to twirl the EDM fans around their tunes. While Thomas is known for his amazing bass-heavy sound and harmonic chords, he also teaches the art of music production to budding music producers at On the other hand, Seelo has a signature style of epic House influences, and together their skills form a melting pot of crazily energized sounds. This highly explosive track, ‘Wild’ is released on Suitor and is available now!

While Thomas Anthony is busy transferring his knowledge to his website and YouTube channel,, he does not stray from bringing mind-altering, dance-worthy music for his fans. His track with Seelo, ‘Wild’ is loaded with hefty basslines and surging percussion. The zesty song features a flawless concoction of fiery pad work enhanced by swirling synths that add to the eminent aura. Issued on Suitor, ‘Wild’ is flourished with hyped elements that will push the listeners into a raving, euphoric zone. This vivid song is driven by rhythmic beats, catchy vocal snippets and harmonized by futuristic and spacey keys.

The duo has relentlessly pounded ‘Wild’ with rhythmic styling for a merciless and bone-crushing atmosphere through ruthless bass elements and resonance. The aggressive mood and ferocious attitude are truly impressive on this Suitor release. The creator of, Thomas Anthony, and Seelo feature a dramatic and cinematically driven production. This Bass House tune has an intense edge, enhanced with brutal pulses and dynamic cadences.

‘Wild’ is a perfect blend of manic passion-filled to the brim with a deep bassy touch to it. The instrumental arrangements over consistently fiery patterns are truly intoxicating. Every detail of the track is influenced by neurotic accuracy, fueled with an extremely fluid and bold flow. Rolled out via Suitor, this Thomas Anthony and Seelo delivery is made to fire up the dance floor. The song will definitely find appreciation for its banging vibe. If you are a music enthusiast and want to know the art of beat-making then head to, and learn the tricks of the trade from Thomas Anthony.

Stream ‘Thomas Anthony & Seelo – Wild’ on YouTube below!

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More About Thomas Athony:

Thomas Anthony creates a style of music that seduces emotions to the surface. This multifaceted musician is not tied to any single genre, but has classified his music as “Dirty/Pretty”. Heavily influenced by UK garage, melodic deep house, sensual trap rhythms, and organic instruments, Thomas fuses colorful textures from multiple genres to elicit a highly musical and emotional experience.

More About Seelo:

Raised in the promise land of techno – Detroit/Windsor – the Lebanese-born Silomondo Nahal traversed borders and chartered his DJ career to Alberta. Cutting his teeth in the mid-2000s in Edmonton, Seelo instantly found his first residency at Y Afterhours, the city’s only late-night destination of its kind. Since then Seelo has become a fixture of Alberta’s prosperous above ground and underground electronic music movement. Resembling the sharp house music identity of Malaa, Oliver Heldens, and Tchami, Seelo’s sound ebbs and flows throughout each corner of any setting you’ll hear him in. Proving to be a formidable force in the studio as well, he’s carved out a deadly mixture of pulsating bass and blistering beats. Over the past decade, Seelo has performed to crowds of thousands at the provinces’ most influential live events and music festivals as part of BC/Alberta’s Boodang family. Since 2015, Seelo has been on three tours across Brazil. He was the highlight of the Amazing Night stage in the Barretos Motorcyle festival, engaging thousands of Brazilians with his unique sound and charismatic live performance.