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The collaborations in the music industry never fail to amaze the respective audiences. And, while we are on the subject of energetic collabs, another one just came out by Teho and Joris Delacroix entitled, “Fury”. The original, “Fury” is a blessing to the ears, but the live version will send even more shivers down your spine. Joris has previously worked on Teho’s “Irani” as he made a remix out of it. But, this time, the two masterminds joined forces to produce “Fury.” Undoubtedly, the partnership turned out to be a stunning track. This new Joris Delacroix music and Teho live performance video will simply mesmerize you.

Funny enough, Teho and Joris Delacroix turned out to be neighbors, and working together just felt like it was meant to happen. With millions of plays, Teho has established his name on the electronic music scene, and Delacroix lies on the same path. Hence, “Fury” by Teho & Joris Delacroix is ready to get uncountable streams online.

Teho and Joris Delacroix also dropped the live version video of “Fury”. One listen to it, and you will realize how good and memorable it sounds. The live version starts on a calm scale, and gradually raises the intensity. The video brings beautiful futuristic aesthetics and is designed to take you on a transporting journey. The synergy between the two artists is legendary and you can truly feel the sincerity between them.

The melodic energy will surely kill it during live events. Plus, the live performance video by Teho and Delacroix gives an insight into how the upcoming productions will sound and look like. So, what are waiting for? Watch the video below right now.

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You can watch the live performance video for “Fury” on YouTube below and find more streaming options HERE.

Stream Teho & Joris Delacroix – Fury on YouTube below!

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