Showtek & Sevenn – Pum Pum is 100% Main Stage Music

Showtek & Sevenn - Pum Pum, new Showtek music, SKINK Records

We can say with absolute certainty that with all the hard-hitting bangers being pushed our way, we are missing the festival and club scene like never before. The latest Dutch-American collaboration titled ‘Pum Pum’ between Showtek and Sevenn is definitely going to be the talk of the musical circuits. Revealed on the label SKINK Records, the new Showtek music is a jubilant and extravagant icebreaker that will transform the mood of any party or crowd. Showtek & Sevenn – Pum Pum is a hearty slice of heaven for the EDM enthusiasts that will satiate their craving for a festival or club outing. Here’s what Showtek has to say about the song:

“The original idea for ‘Pum Pum’ was created on our Stereosonic tour in Australia, during a studio session in Melbourne, together with singer/songwriter Sonny Wilson and GC. We have worked on a few ideas for a while, but eventually, it all came together when we collaborated with Sevenn. You can really hear the mixture between our music style and the style of Sevenn. We are very happy how this song came together and are excited about its release. The gimmick of the song, the chopped-up vocal drop, is ideal for the clubs and festivals and will satisfy our fans who can’t wait to go out and party with us again.” 

The new Showtek music opens with a triumphant vibe that will instantly perk up your mood. Showtek & Sevenn – Pum Pum is a slick EDM gem that is primed with high-octane energy and flippant zeal that will not let you stray away from the dance floor. The inclusion of quirky Latino-flavored beats and trumpets brings an eclectic aura to the whole composition. Rolled out via SKINK Records, Pum Pum’ is descended into fueling and frivolous dance realms with hard bass, and choppy vocal delivery. The fluctuating break, mighty buildups, and fierce drops lead the track into sizzling and groovy dimensions. Here is what Sevenn has to say about this insane collaboration:

“With lockdown in full throttle, I have been non-stop in studios recording and producing new exciting sounds, expanding musical horizons, and challenging the musical world as we know it. 2021’s second release “Pum Pum” with the legends Showtek has proven to be one of the most exciting new releases for me.”

Showtek & Sevenn – Pum Pum has hook-worthy moments that will romp up the ambiance with electrifying rhythms and infectious percussion. Presented by SKINK Records, this new Showtek music explores the euphoric dance realms and hits all the right nerve endings. All in all, ‘Pum Pum’ will not fail to pump up your party playlists and dull days!

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More About Showtek:

Showtek, is the globally-celebrated Dutch production duo composed of brothers Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen. They have dominated the international music industry with their melody-powered hooks, beat-heavy songs, memorable anthems and high energy performances. Initially, Showtek launched their career in electronic music as Hardstyle DJ/producers with undeniable success. Today, Showtek is recognized as undisputed leaders within the electronic dance music genre, boasting platinum-selling, chart-topping singles heard around the world.

In 2011, the twosome began collaborating as producers/songwriters with dance music icon Tiësto, which resulted in the fire-hot tracks “Chasing Summers (Miami)” , “Maximal Crazy” and “Hell Yeah!”.

In 2012 they exploded onto the global dance scene with the release of ‘Cannonball’, which resulted in a new worldwide following and countless fans across the world. By the end of 2013 they released their single ‘Booyah’, a track encompassing Showtek’s true sound. The result? A top 5 spot in the UK single chart and their first worldwide major hit.

Showtek followed up the nonstop musical momentum in 2014 with “Bad,” a collaboration with Producer /DJ David Guetta going 10 times platinum all across the globe. The track counts 1 billion streams total and over 850,000 copies sold globally to date, becoming a #10 hit in the worldwide overall iTunes Chart. With their new tune, Showtek & Sevenn – Pum Pum, 2021 is surely turning out an exciting year for the duo.

More About Sevenn:

In just the last couple of years, American artist/producer Kevin Brauer has exploded onto the international electronic music stage as Sevenn. Sevenn’s first release, the collaboration with Alok entitled “BYOB”, instantly gained millions of plays on SoundCloud, virtually overnight. Shortly after, the massive collaboration with Tïesto, “BOOM”, debuted on Ultra Music Festival’s Miami mainstage with the Dutch legend himself. In 2018, the “BOOM” remix with Gucci Mane on the vocals was released and hit #14 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic charts. Sevenn debuted at some of the world’s most celebrated festivals like Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, and Creamfields. Sevenn is set to reach the highest levels of global success as an electronic music artist and producer. With SKINK Records’ latest release, Showtek & Sevenn – Pum Pum, he is now slowing down in 2021.

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