Paragon Drops Lush Music Video for His Opus ‘Save Me Now’

The French DJ and producer, Paragon is swiftly making a mark for himself in the EDM industry with his melodic sound. Now, the artist has delivered an invigorating club anthem entitled, ‘Save Me Now.’ The song also features the seductive vocals from Eileen Jaime. Following the release of ‘Voyager,’ which was a reflective composition, this new release is an addictive Pop Progressive House song. Released by Etendar, the song offers a lively and energetic ambiance that is extremely enamoring.

Issued on Etendar, Save Me Now’ is a high-wired, sleek affair that the listeners won’t be able to escape from. This Pop Progressive House number is a melting pot of blooming synths, minx-like vocals, and deep percussive hits. Eileen Jaime has weaved magic with her silvery vocals that are surrounded with throbbing sonic pulses. The powerful combo of instrumental arrangements and lyrical harmony boosts the song towards euphoria-filled dimensions. The crashing hi-hats and booming vibe of the song form a transporting dreamy atmosphere. The sweltering beats layered over the pumping bassline drive the rhythmic momentum of this track perfectly.

Paragon leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fueling the song with brazen energy and modern timbre. The sweet-sounding symphony recedes to a tranquil drop following which the temperament of the song goes through a slow-burning shift. The dulcet elements then dominate the Pop Progressive House track with even more seductive intonations from Eileen Jaime. This club heater continues to mesmerize with its dynamic and infectious rhythms and upbeat tempo. Presented by the label, Etendar, ‘Save Me Now’ has moments of sheer musicality that is wrapped in an effortless simplicity. This mellifluous composition stimulates your senses and soothes your bruised soul at the same time.

Save Me Now’ is a beautiful composition by Paragon that excellently fuses Progressive House with Pop & Electropop elements. This uplifting number will make your day brighter. It is worth mentioning that we’re highly addicted to the modern production design and smoking-hot vocals from Paragon and Eileen Jaime respectively.

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More About Paragon:

For Paragon, music rhymes with experiences. This French dj produces an intense and dreamy form of melodic house music. He travels very regularly to live unique experiences but also for his personal development. His song “Voyager” clearly reflects this desire of discovery. Paragon’s musical universe is composed of dreamy melodies and deep melancholy.    Born of an artist father and a pragmatic mother, Guillaume grew up near the capital. It was a class trip to China that led him to music. There he discovered two tracks “Adagio For Strings” by Tiësto, and “Digital Love” by Daft Punk, which quickly became a deep inspiration for him. Paragon mixes for several years at various events. He then lived a few complicated years due to his past. The French dj then decides to travel more and goes in search of inner stability. He finds his own singularity and produces different tracks related to his experience. It is from 2019 that this French artist will release his first songs to the public  such as “Big City”. In 2020, his song “Koma” was relayed in the radio show Purified by the artist Nora en Pure, a considerable support. Other artists such as Ben Böhmer, Avoure or Yotto gave their encouragement for his work.

Paragon now wants to produce new songs on his own label “Etendar” and continue to spread its message through its achievements: a message of hope and sharing. He wants to make his first album and also create his personal show based on his music, his experiences.