ROMBE4T – Just Can’t Stop EP is Funky House Meets Disco

The seasoned producer and DJ, ROMEBE4T is widely known for rocking the EDM scene with his sizzling releases such as ‘Rock To The Rhythm’ and ‘FEEL ME.’ Recently, the artist has dropped a banging EP called ‘Just Can’t Stop.’ It is a two-track extended play that kicks off with the song of the same name. It is a stunning track that will surely make it to many (if not all) of the best Nu Disco 2021 playlists. Released on Vivifier Records, ROMBE4T – Just Can’t Stop is a striking tune that moves at a consistent and infectious pace. This mellifluous song finds a twist with the inclusion of captivating spoken vocals. Let’s not forget about the second track on the EP titled ‘Soca’ which is also an uptempo dance number that goes a bit more on the Tech House side of dance music. 

ROMBE4T – Just Can’t Stop is a reverberating fusion of percussive elements that are highlighted perfectly throughout the composition. The unapologetically stoic vocals bring a raw depth into this Vivifier Records release. This Nu Disco 2021 track is structured with dynamic sound effects and a flowing bassline. At the midway point, the vocal delivery becomes more brisk giving the tune a beatific aura. The punchy synths layered over pungent rhythms unleash an anthemic flavor into this Indie Dance / Nu Disco cut.

What makes this Nu Disco 2021 song truly stands out is the use of richly calibrated funky beats and shimmering keys. Issued by Vivifier Records, ROMBE4T – Just Can’t Stop will impress you with its feel-good nuances. The intricate blend of hypnotic tonal textures and snappy cadences contribute to the flashy aura of the track. 

But let’s not forget about ‘Soca.’ This song brims with electric energy. With just one listen, you will find yourself hooked to its infectious vibe. This tune is definitely be a great weapon for House and Disco DJs. Together, ‘Just Can’t Stop‘ and ‘Soca‘ form a diverse musical gem that will take control of you with its accentuated hooks and hazy ambiance. We love this new EP and have our eyes on what ROMEBE4T has to offer next!

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More About ROMBE4T:

It is better to regret the choices you made than to regret the choices you did not make.” – ROMBE4TIn a world increasingly inclined to chase the fashions and trends of the moment, ROMBE4T brings the center of attention back on what is truly challenging: creating and developing your personal path. Thus, totally hooked on infectious beats filled with feel-good and happy vibes, ROMBE4T feeds the creative signature thanks to which he has already been called a master of House music. From his first performances in the ‘90s, to raves and DJ performances, ROMBE4T’s music is the kind that, in terms of the value of House music history, captures and draws life from the “old school” feeling while managing to consistently take it to the next level, act after act. Giving an ever wider perspective to that masterful work that is his entire project, ROMBE4T has been a skilled proponent of a stylistic signature where many influences have found fertile ground, such as Soul, Funk, and R&B, up to Jazz and Disco, while still maintaining the clarity of a modern production style. These impressive career and body of work are capable of capturing the mood of today’s generations, and catapulting them into a world full of music that exudes carefree happiness. After an exciting 2020 with chart topping tracks on Beatport, 2021 will also be an equally thrilling year for ROMBE4T, with new exciting releases and shows near you to follow. Stay tuned.

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