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A pool party turns into a hallucinatory Lynchian psychological horror in MALO – Mauve (Music Video). Being the first music video by the emerging French electronic musician, Mauve immediately establishes him as an artist with a cinematographic vision for his work. The new MALO song & music video are a mesmerizing audio/visual trip filled with symbolism and sonic excellence that may appeal to any fan of electronic music as well as 90s crime cinema.

The track itself is one of those that are hard to put under a certain category. MALO states that his influences span from dreamy French synth-pop experimentators like M83 and Kavinsky to Techno/Trance acts like Junkie XL and Rone. However, one thing that connects all of these artists is the essentially dreamy, weightless quality of the productions, especially when it comes to the use of synths.

Mauve starts off as an atmospheric, yet aggressive bassy electronica with rhythmic allusions to the early 00s UK scene. Nevertheless, having a progressive structure, closer to the end it flourishes into a kaleidoscope of sounds that remind you of the best examples of French dream-pop and Synthwave acts. Of course, this can be read as an homage to MALO’s main influencers. But it’s MALO’s very own energy, groove, textural density, and rhythmic complexity that make his sound unmistakable.

The psychedelic undertones of the new MALO song & music video hint towards a deeper psychoanalytical interpretation of the work. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot enjoy the work from a simpler perspective. Especially with MALO’s top-tier production with influences ranging from UK Garage to Dream Pop. With over 20 million streams on digital streaming platforms, MALO proves that it’s possible to reach larger audiences while producing mesmerizing, yet experimental audio/visual content.

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