Maarten Vorwerk: The saga continues… (How the biggest EDM tracks of 2013 are a sham)



First of all, you must read this article about Maarten Vorwerk before you keep reading this post since what you are reading now is kind of part 2. I’ve just received by a source that wants to remain anonymous a copy of a contract between “Maarten Vorwerk” and “J. Herman” for the purchase of two recordings “Master-demos” for the “very decent” price of €30,000. Is the contract real? is the contract fake? unfortunately we can’t tell 100% since it’s from an anonymous source but note that DVBBS’ manager and Maarten Vorkerk denied its existence.

My first question was “Who is J. Herman?” (Because we already know who Maarten Vorwerk is). After a few google searches and digging around I found out that Mr Herman is actually DVBBS, Borgeous and Down with Webster‘s manager from Strvctvre management.

After finding that out, it kinda made sense! Maarten was already ghost producing for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and now DVBBS and Borgeous wanted in too.

So what are the 2 “master-demos” or songs involved in this contract? You might have guessed it already, “TSUNAMI” and “STAMPEDE”, two of the biggest EDM songs of 2013 (if not the biggest)! (If the song names don’t ring a bell, listen below, you’ve heard them before, no doubt about that!)

So what does all that means? That means our friend Maarten Vorwerk ghost produced some massive bangers and sold them instead of releasing them as his own. I believe fans deserve to know who is responsible for creating any given song, and should not be deceived. Using someone else’s work for your own gain, even if it’s purchased is wrong and goes against what making art/music is all about.

If you want to have a look at more music that Maarten Vorwerk ghost produced check out his page. Can’t believe he even produced for!

UPDATE #1: Josh Herman contacted me personally accusing me of creating this fake contract which I can assure you I didn’t (I have some photoshop skills but not anything close to being able to do something like this). He told me this is a forged signature and that this is defamation so I’ve removed the contract from the post.

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