Local Nomad – ‘Gates’ Gets A Rework From Paige & Nihil Young

Local Nomad - new Local Nomad music - Paige & Nihil Young remix - vocal Progressive House

Last year, Local Nomad released ‘Gates’, an Alt/Indie track full of compelling lyrics. However, this year, it received a refresh. This comes in the form of a Paige & Nihil Young remix. These two young producers have been working hard throughout lockdown. They’ve been blurring the lines between Deep House and vocal Progressive House. They’ve also been working on new Local Nomad music with Local Nomad himself. Together, they have managed to successfully collaborate online and the results are starting to show. The two producers have made it on ‘Electronic Rising’, the prestigious Spotify playlist boasting nearly half a million likes. Meanwhile, Local Nomad has found a home on the ever-popular New Alt playlist. 

If you’re a frequent flyer here at EKM.co, you might remember their melodic Deep House track ‘Body Language’. If not, you can stream and read about it HERE. However, the Paige & Nihil Young remix of ‘Gates’ is a slightly different energy. They’ve amped up the intensity and turned the original Local Nomad track into a immersive, mid-set heater. The once innocent, evocative words of Local Nomad have been completely repurposed. They’re now the sweltering, seductive narrative on a 2 A.M. club track. The way it’s been executed is flawless, and it’s as though they were written for this exact purpose. 

The unlikeliness of this collaboration is what makes it so good. New Local Nomad music, all the way from Long Island, NY is not what we’d expect to be featuring. But here we are, and it’s thanks to the production magic of Paige & Nihil Young. With signings on Atlantic, Armada, and Toolroom Records between them, the duo is a force to be reckoned with. Expect to hear more of their unique vocal Progressive House music throughout 2021, because they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

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More About Paige:

DJ and producer Paige creates as well as mixes house music that’s sultry and heated, burning with the energy and passion of summer. Unbound by genres, his artistic evolution has blossomed into a refreshing approach to dance music, defined by laidback vocals and flowing deep bass lines. These are the dynamic, bright elements that quickly secured a multi-single deal with Armada Music. Crossing boundaries between lighthearted deep house and chill electronic, his sound has expanded into the refreshing mix series ‘Golden Hour’, securing Paige as a monthly guest DJ on Sirius XM House of Chill. Paige commits to taking his sound even deeper with multiple signings on the respected Tech House label Toolroom Records.

This year has seen Paige release ‘Body Language’, ‘Break Free’, and ‘Down’ – three cutting-edge club tracks that are seeing support from industry heavyweights – Gorgon City, Claptone, David Guetta and more, as well as airplay on Diplo’s BBCRadio 1 residency and Saturday Night KISS FM. Actively channeling fresh sounds, along with a touring schedule that is heating up, Paige looks set to establish a bold presence in global dance music throughout the next year. His latest track is a remix of Local nomad – ‘Gates’.

More About Nihil Young:

Nihil Young otherwise known Less Hate continues to fashion new trends electronic music, at only 20 years of age he started his career off with a bang, with a string of highly-acclaimed releases hungering labels Atlantic, Armada, 1605, and Definitive records. His ingenious sound has caught the attention of heavy weights around the world.

In 2011 his production with John Acquaviva titled “Good Music” prevailed in the Beatport top 5 for four months and shortly after, Nihil had been nominated for Techno’s top selling track of 2011. A small insight into the accomplishments Nihil Young has had thus far in his career. His latest track is a remix of Local nomad – ‘Gates’.

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