Kasablanca – Human Learning is Finally Out and it is EPIC!

Kasablanca is one of the finest acts of the year. The mysterious EDM project has dropped a stunning debut Kasablanca EP, titled ‘Human Learning’ via Armada Electronic Elements. It is a six-track extended play that features hits like, Be There and ‘Hold Me Close.’ It also includes the title track Kasablanca – Human Learning, a sonic limbo that will hold you in its trance.

‘Human Learning’ relishes in the fusion of poignant beauty and modern musicality. The song kicks off in an ethereal oscillation, boasting a charming and gripping intro. As part of the Kasablanca EP, this tune is a meticulously designed Melodic House & Techno entrée that is sultry in nature. The track highlights electronic pads, silky vocals, and groovy basslines, which create a harmonious atmosphere. Additionally, the thought-provoking vocals envelop you with every intriguing note and masterful lyric. Issued by Armada Electronic Elements, the song has an introspective and soul-searching attitude. 

The rolling bass and rhythmic percussion along with the reflective lyrics evoke some serious emotions within the listeners. ‘Human Learning’ thrives in the abundance of lush melodies that are layered over delicious sound patterns. The title track of the Kasablanca EP is mystical and fascinating, with captivating highs and lows that complement the amazing drop sections. The song features pumping energy that sweeps the tune into another atmospheric dimension. The mesmeric affair takes you on a passionate journey, superseded with retro elements, rhythmic variability, and emotive reverie which perfectly reflect their skill-level.

‘Human Learning’ will move you with its ardent melody and exquisite ambiance. This euphoric number is bedazzled with an enticing mix of progressive elements, alluring vocals, and catchy synths that stay afloat by the subtle cadences. Released via Armada Electronic Elements, this Kasablanca EP is one of the Melodic House & Techno genre’s most hyped release this year!

Stream ‘Kasablanca – Human Learning’ on YouTube below!

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More About Kasablanca:

Blurring the line between progressive and melodic techno, Kasablanca taps into 80’s analog synth nostalgia.

Launching on Armada’s Electronic Elements sublabel, not much is known about Kasablanca. Self described as an “Audio visual experience”, Kasablanca’s musical identity comes from their use of melodic retro textures combined with the rhythmic fundamentals of house & techno. Blending genres and influences like Rufus De Soul and ARTBAT with the attitude of acts like Justice and Kavinsky, their debut EP, Human Learning is already garnering the support of underground and main stage DJ’s alike. The identity of Kasblanca may be hidden, but you can expect their sounds to be at every corner of this realm.

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