Trivecta, Last Heroes & Runn Collab on ‘Waiting For You’

Trivecta & Last Heroes have collaborated to bring us an epic, rich melodic Dubstep banger entitled, ‘Waiting For You.’ The track also features the appealing and moving vocals by RUNN that pulls the tune into a dream-like atmosphere. Released via Ophelia Records, Seven Lions’ label, the song showcases some of the EDM industries’ most coveted talents on the horizon, bringing together a symphony that pushes the tangible boundaries of Dubstep and Chillstep. The duo has done a commendable job in crafting this tune with an array of flavorful elements that will spellbind the fans.

‘Waiting For You’ is enunciated with a warm opening, followed by some mesmerizing drops that bring in energetic & uplifting elements into the fold. Trivecta & Last Heroes conjure chugging rhythms and enticing melodies on this new melodic Dubstep anthem. It is an ear-pleasing lyrical affair with a vocal exuberance by RUNN that will certainly get you hooked in its mesmeric cadences. The ambient drift of escalating riffs on this Seven Lions’ label Ophelia Records delivery is exceptionally captivating. It features a fusion of whimsical and hard-hitting beats that complement the subtlety of the warm and fuzzy vocals. 

Released via Ophelia Records, Seven Lions’ label, the track is laced with tuneful percussion that pushes the listeners to the edge of soundgasm. ‘Waiting for You’ by Trivecta & Last Heroes is polished with engaging musicality that twirls and transforms the rhythmic melody of the song. It comes storming with chiming synth and vibrant bass that gives the melodic Dubstep genre a new feel. The splendid key shifts, overlapping with the epic melodies and symphonic bass culminates in an upbeat yet immersive environment. The glinting vocals truly add a potent and luminous effect to the tune.

‘Waiting for You’ offers dynamic shades of gorgeous and imminent swings with a unique composition that make this cut so special. This melodic Dubstep track released under the umbrella of Seven Lions’ label is riled with molten layers of vivacious sonic patterns, that results in an impressively orgasmic tune. Trivecta, Last Heroes & RUNN are definitely ending the year on a high note with ‘Waiting for You.’

Stream ‘Trivecta & Last Heroes – Waiting for You (feat. Runn)’ on YouTube below!

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More About Trivecta:

Sam Dobkin, better known as Trivecta, is a dance music producer and songwriter from Tampa, FL. He’s stylistically known for creating melodic trance, dubstep, bass, and drumstep music.

With the self-described goal of “making dubstep beautiful again,” he’s made a name for himself ever since with tracks that land in a compelling place between melodic dubstep, trance, bass and drumstep. In addition to receiving support from artists like Excision, The Chainsmokers and Don Diablo, he’s joined melodic bass connoisseurs such as Illenium, Seven Lions, Dabin, Kill The Noise, and Wooli on tour and landed official remixes with them – his take on Illenium’s “Fractures” has drawn over 5 million listens across streaming services alone. More recently, he collaborated with Excision & Wooli on “Oxygen” featuring Julianne Hope, which has already amassed nearly half a million streams with support from UKF & MrSuicideSheep. Both his remixes and original work have drawn attention from the most crucial tastemakers in the game, including Dancing Astronaut, EDM Sauce, MrSuicideSheep, and more.

Paving a unique lane for himself in the world of electronic music, Trivecta certainly shows no signs of slowing down, with plenty more in store for 2020.

More About Last Heroes:

Last Heroes was formed in Colorado in 2016 with the hopes of creating a platform that would bring people together and remind everyone that they have a purpose in life. Big or small, visible or not, everyone has an impact that ripples. And that impact may help others overcome a dark time, providing a light when they need it most. The mission is soundtracked by emotional, melodic and cinematic music — inspired by the likes of Seven Lions, Hans Zimmer and more. 2019 served as a pivotal point in their journey. It represented a new chapter for Last Heroes, filled with sold-out shows and original music including their debut EP ‘Moments’. A year later, things have come full circle on their journey with the release of ‘Don’t Wanna Fall’, a collaboration with the artist who inspired them coming up, Seven Lions. Garrett Lucero and Brian Helander of Last Heroes are now ready to release ‘Finding Light’, their sophomore EP dropping Oct. 16 on Ophelia Records.

More About RUNN:

Armed with impressive intuition and a prowess for capturing the emotional power of memories, in 2020, pop singer-songwriter Runn is inviting listeners into her iridescent world of honesty, transparency, and shimmering new music.

After making a name for herself in EDM, collaborating with some of the genre’s most influential artists including Illenium and Seven Lions, the rising starlet has finally claimed her true voice as a solo artist and is approaching her work with the sincerity of the music industry’s greatest storytellers. Blending shimmering melodies and sentimental lyrics, Runn pens her songs with intention and insight, as though they were ripped right from the pages of her diary—beautifully vulnerable, strikingly intimate, and sparkling with the promising splendor of hope.

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