g jones – immortal light received a legendary juuku flip

The ever-so-mysterious music producer and DJ, juuku is back with a fresh take on g jones – immortal light. The sensational artist has graced the fans with his striking juuku flip, making it his 10th release this year. The creative magnate is constantly churning out new tunes with each one better than the last; and his immortal light remix is no exception. The elusive artist has given this g jones remix a whole new vibe and pumping energy. The song is a formative journey that grows with an insistent and pulsating aura. All we can say is that juuku is on a stimulating high this year, and as EDM enthusiasts, we are savoring every moment of it.

This juuku flip of g jones – immortal light is dominated by throbbing bass, fused with razor-sharp synths and grandiose rhythms, making it a memorable release. The g jones remix gets an exciting makeover that will set dancefloors ablaze. The aura of this thrilling immortal light remix is dynamically powerful, while the catchy beats complement the outstanding sound design of the song. It is a hard-hitting track that is built with a precise fusion of orchestral elements, which gives the Trap vibe an effortless yet relentless environment. The exhilarating tune transforms with extreme highs and lows that embed a catastrophic energetic atmosphere into the song. This is what juuku has to say about his fresh flip of ‘immortal light’:

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This juuku flip adds a hard-hitting edginess to g jones – immortal light, concocting a festival-friendly number that hits you right in the feels. The ethereal riffs blend perfectly with the captivating percussion to find a refreshing quality. This immortal light remix is an impeccable production that features glistening pad work, gleaming basslines, layered over overlapping melodies. The blazing cut, with its catchy hooks and dope flow, make this g jones remix a solid track to play on loop. The combination of lush textures and exquisite rhythms feel like a sonic treat. This track is just as intense and memorable as his previous bangers ‘endless’ and ‘closer.’

Intense style and voracious musicality encapsulate a mesmerizing and invigorating effect, which are the highlights of this juuku flip. This hypnotic and glitchy release is truly a unique and fascinating affair. ‘immortal light’ is an extravagant cut that will definitely stand out in your bass music playlists. 

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More About juuku:

At this time, juuku still wants to remain anonymous. However, make sure to follow him on his socials to stay up to date with new juuku music.

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