AKA AKA & Junge Junge Collab On the Blissful ‘Vallut Bass’

In June 2020, the German duo AKA AKA teamed up with Pop sensation duo Junge Junge to bring a mesmerizing release entitled, ‘Vallut Bass.’ The Kontor Records release is an edgy symphony with an emotionally overwhelming structure. The undeniably addictive Melodic House and Techno release shows that Junge Junge still have their underground music roots intact. Whereas AKA AKA prove with each releases that the divergent creative spirit of the electronic duo is unmatched. This collaboration is highly blissful and will leave you reeling in the eccentricities of the track.

‘Vallut Bass’ by AKA AKA & Junge Junge is an exceptionally dynamic tune, laced with perfect cadences. The smashing delivery is structured with stomping rhythms layered over a fiery flow that elevates the tune to an unparalleled auditory realm. The song gives off an uplifting vibe contributing to its melodic nature and overarching ambiance. Issued via Kontor Records, ‘Vallut Bass’ blends the collaborating artists’ peculiar styles to churn out this Melodic House and Techno gem. The zestful delivery is a powerful party anthem that will hook you right away.

Both artists have worked their magic to totally surprise the fans with ‘Vallut Bass’. It is a reverberant song that will mesmerize you with its lush rhythmic pace. The vibrant cut oozes perfection and easily pulls you into a magnetic trance. This vivacious tune has a superb combination of bright basslines and sparkling synth stabs that will lighten up your mood. ‘Vallut bass’ is an excellent track that offers a new glimpse of the Melodic House & Techno groove with a slightly darker and mysterious energy. This bewitching song is a beautiful mix of heavenly pulses and resonating melodies.

This collaboration has resulted in a flawless production that is further enhanced by the pitch-perfect swings and swirls. The Kontor Records release has teasingly intriguing elements that will captivate your attraction with its crisp and rousing rhythms that boil with superb harmony. ‘Vallut bass’ is truly a stunning track.

Stream ‘AKA AKA x Junge Junge – Vallut Bass’ on YouTube below!

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More About AKA AKA:

The best proof of love is trust – that counts for the lovely partnership in life as well as for creative arts. Whether in your own talents or in the well-meaning fate: trust mostly paves the cheerful way to happiness. The Berlin based electronic duo AKA AKA are the best example that trust in your own personal work does not only disburse, but is also spelled with elements of courage, faith and strength of purpose. When Saarland-born Hannes and Holger from East Frisia met each other at a Berlin open-air party in 2008, it wasn’t only the start of a refreshing friendship; they found the infamous wavelength in very short period of time. With different socialization equipped, they both use their divergent past as well as the joint project AKA AKA to give their common ambition a name.

More About Junge Junge:

In 2016, Junge Junge aka. Michael Noack and Rochus Grolle still had underground status. Today their songs are streamed by millions and they have become platinum-decorated DJs and producers. And yet there was this one demo three years ago, which they heard – and which they never let go of since. The voice behind Wicked Hearts belongs to Jamie Hartman, who boldly steps into the limelight as a solo singer, after co-writing songs like Backstreet Boys’ ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ and Rag’n’Bone Man’s ‘Human’. “From the very first second, we realized that this poetic language, the expansive and the deep fit us perfectly”, Rochus Grolle recalls. “We then got the tracks and produced it and thought that we would get the song. But a few months went by and we were told: Sorry, the song’s gone, an AAA artist from Australia got it.” “When the song was still unreleased half a year later, we simply wrote to Jamie in L.A. and sent him our production and he immediately said: Cool, let’s produce this. Let’s do it together”. Grolle enthuses: “For us, it is of course awesome to have him on our project. We get along very well and are in constant exchange”. “Wicked Hearts is the first song we are preparing a self-produced club mix for. People are more familiar with our pop productions through singles like ‘Run Run Run’ or ‘Beautiful Girl’ but still, we have an underground origin. Therefore, we will always release our own club mix in addition to the official single versions from now on”.

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