NEUNOSIEM Drops ‘Wait’ from ‘This Is Cyberpunk’ Compilation

Night Mode Records’ upcoming compilation ‘This is Cyberpunk’ features a stellar selection of EDM artists on the menu, including the Germany-based, Polish music producer, NEUNOSIEM who is famous for his electrifying sound. His latest track ‘Wait’ thrives on his signature touch along with an uplifting resonance. ‘Wait’ is the second single we feature from the upcoming compilation, after the amazing new Wave music / Future Bass release by Heimanu entitled ‘Atrea.’ NEUNOSIEM brings in an impressive Bass House sound with an intricately structured track. The song takes the listeners through deeply engaging and riveting sections, from deep emotional, uplifting melodic to highly pulsating energy.

‘Wait’ by NEUNOSIEM is a percussive amalgamation of bewitching elements that will spellbind you. The song reverberates with vibrant energy, and captivating vocals giving it a gleaming ambiance. Issued via Night Mode Records, this tune is composed of exhilarating bass juxtaposed with blissful waves of overlapping cadences. This invigorating Bass House song is a versatile recipe that stands out superbly with stimulating rhythms and intensified narrative. This track, that will be featured on the ‘This is Cyberpunk’ compilation, boasts a phenomenal production design. This tempting tune is a ravishing bass song that will instantly become a play-on-loop hit.

NEUNOSIEM shows his deft skills on ‘Wait’ with hefty basslines, swirling synths and an impeccable concoction of fiery pad work and ardent vocals that reflect in the eminent aura. The female vocals form the calming and catchy symphony whereas, the drops bring zesty chaos in the instrumental sections. The latest Night Mode Records delivery is a magnificent affair embellished with avid beats and celestial rhythms that add an extra oomph on this Bass House anthem. This galvanizing release offers deeply catchy musical brilliance and reflections of an impassioned tune. The extraordinary build of the bouncy pulses and hypnotic riffs showcase a tempo-driven interplay that will leave the listeners stunned.

NEUNOSIEM has truly enriched this musical palate with gripping and swoon-worthy drops. It is hard-hitting banger layered over silvery vocals, which become effortlessly trance-inducing. ‘Wait’ is definitely one of the best entries on the ‘This is Cyberpunk’ compilation so far. The track has mysterious and intoxicating swings that are just hard to ignore. NEUNOSIEM has crafted a peak time cut that will absolutely make crowds go bonkers at festivals.

Stream ‘NEUNOSIEM – Wait’ on YouTube below!

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Born in Poland, raised in Germany. With a passion for music, design and technology. Everything he plans and does must have a story and a connection to his numerology or symbols that inspire or guide him. He believes that no project or idea is too big or too small as long as it’s a good one.

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