We had the chance to have a talk with the extremely versatile and talented EDM producer JackEL and we asked him a few questions about his career, his label/collective, his inspirations, his thoughts on the EDM scene and much more. Check out our interview with JackEL below and also peep his latest releases under the article. Enjoy!

1 – How did it all start for you?

Music has always been around me personally, and I’ve always really enjoyed the sound/feel and impact. I noticed my interest in creating music at around 8-9 when I first starting picking up a guitar and banging some pots and pans. I’ve always been fascinated with instruments and sounds. I remember the first time I saw an acoustic drum set in front of me, it was so cool, and I wanted to play the drums right then.

When I first started finding out about electronic dance music I really loved it and started listening to it more and more. I flooded myself listening to it with friends.

At 14 for my birthday I bought myself turntables and I started DJing in clubs that same year because of connections I made around the city of Edmonton, AB Canada. I was DJing in clubs in Edmonton until 15 and then I moved to Vegas and started JackEL upon arriving. It was cool to recently go back and DJ in Edmonton after Christmas 2018.

2 – Tell us about the creation and goal of FVYDID.

I thought about FVYDID at an old job when I was 18. I was signed to a label and had a manager and it all went to shit. After I had the name FVYDID I was excited to start releasing my friends’ music. I had the knowledge I just wanted to help out my friends.

I created FVYDID while still under my old label and manager and they kept urging me to quit FVYDID and stop pursuing it. But I’m thankful I followed my gut and left that old label to pursue FVYDID full time.

The goal of FVYDID is to provide high-quality art to the world and get the artists paid so they can focus on their life purpose.

3 – You are a very versatile producer, is there a subgenre of EDM that you prefer producing/DJing?

Hey thanks, I love being diverse and producing with new artists and doing new genres.

Right now I love sad boy rap and combine that with Dubstep. I’ve recently loved vocally performing on my music (rapping/singing) and then adding big drops. I love to produce house and I love to DJ a high energy dance set.

I’ve produced many genres, and still, know there is so much more to accomplish. Bossa Nova is one of my fav genres. I just finished off my Spring Bass Tour which had loads of bass haha.

4- Who is your biggest inspiration/influence?

Well, when I was just starting out I looked up to Skrillex, Deadmau5, Feed Me, Wolfgang Gartner just to name a couple. I love music in general and draw inspiration from many sources. Now in 2019, there is so many talented artists, and so many solid good sounds.

It’s much easier for producers to get their ideas across with easier and higher quality tools at there fingertips. I surround myself with talented producers daily and draw inspiration from my peers such as BOB-O & POZEIDON.

5 – What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

Being able to travel off music is awesome, I love connecting with new fans and new supporters. I really love being able to meet new artists with new talents, and I love learning new things musically.

This year in 2019 I have released a single on Datsik’s old label Firepower Records and to me, that is so awesome. I already released a single on Deadmau5’s old label Play Records and that is so sick to me as well.

Having Deadmau5’s old manager call me and talk to me and tell me she believes in me is enough.

Opening up for Afrojack in North Carolina at Grave Diggers Ball was amazing.

6 – What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming producers/DJs making? / What advice would you give to aspiring producers/Djs?

Probably just acting too soon and not being patient. I personally have MAD ADHD and have to do everything at 100mph. I have screwed up many times because of it and I hope other artists have more patience and understand things take time.

The only issue I really see with coming producers is not understanding the basics, the roots, where this all came from. Keeping the audio quality good, mastering, can’t forget about the basics.

Also just keep producing, have fun! And try your very best to make income off what you love. If you can make 1000/w or so off your music, you can do it full time, and start encouraging your peers around you to follow suite.

7 – Where do you think the EDM scene is headed? One year from now? Five years from now? Where do you think the JackEL sound will be?

Well, dance music will always stay, electronic elements are being sprinkled in all genres including rock, pop, and hip hop. Drake & Travis Scott are working with Skrillex, and the future will just be everyone’s collaborating with everyone. My sound will always stay true to what I personally love, and my feelings change. Right now I love energy and bass and feeling and melody, and I know the future JackEL will have all of that and more. I will be working with major pop artists, and even budding underground artists. So much music will be released before I can’t make music any longer.

8 – If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?

Hopefully, 2020 because I know that’s the year where JackEL is going to be DJing many of the major festivals, and major events. 2019 has been so amazing I could only imagine whats next. The music right now sounds great.

9 – What EDM artist you think doesn’t get the attention he/she deserves?

Every artist doesn’t get the attention they deserve. The best musicians in their world will never get noticed because there in there parents basement and don’t have any drive or money. The artists with the most drive, and love and manifestation will rise to the top. I don’t think I get the attention I deserve, having 250+ songs out online that all slap. But I know it’s the same for many artists who make quality music but aren’t sure how to market successfully. It’s all about marketing.

10 – What is it that you love about the EDM scene?

I love to create music, I love to dance, I love to make people dance. I love to DJ raves, and dance clubs to watch my rave fam all dressed up and going hard for my music. I love watching the crowd come together and hug each other and know that we are all here for the same reason, the music.

11 – What is something that bugs you about the EDM scene?

I mean things bug me about many things in life, but I don’t let it get to me. I’m very positive and stick to that. I don’t enjoy loud distorted music and I don’t want to hurt my ears. I would much rather listen to high-quality music that isn’t so loud and distorted. Most EDM events have over loud music.

12 – What is your opinion regarding the difference between old school DJing where everything was restricted to vinyl and modern DJing where most tracks are never put on any physical medium before or after release?

Any modern kid or adult can become a DJ now with an iPhone. Old school DJing with vinyl is still alive, and those DJs stay true to what they believe. I love scratch DJ’s and it’s an art. I personally don’t see like a Producer/DJ and a scratch DJ even being the same, because they’re performing two different ways.

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