Hysaze x Someone Else drop Their Latest Trap Anthem “Osiris”

Rolled out via Tribal Trap, the Hysaze Someone Else collaborative song, ‘Osiris’ is a true banger. The Delhi-based DJ and producer Hysaze has previously worked with the rising talent, Someone Else on the Trap remix of Money Heist’s hit title-track, ‘My Life Is Going On.’ ‘Osiris’ is an exotic Middle Eastern Trap delivery that exudes confidence and sweltering persuasiveness. This tune will catapult you to the arabesque landscapes on a lush summer night.

‘Osiris’ by Hysaze x Someone Else opens with a dramatic ambiance that builds up the anticipation with an orchestral resonance. The swelling melodic structure brings the song closer to Middle Eastern Trap influences that caress your senses followed by a stirring drop, where the pace picks up. This irresistible tune contains rousing percussion layered over audacious beats that amplify the overall energy of this gem. Issued by Tribal Trap, ‘Osiris’ has an engrossing arrangement of striking and riveting sounds. The song flows with effortless ease, while enigmatic builds take the listeners by sheer surprise. This beguiling affair gives off a sparkling and captivating vibe that will compel you to listen to it on loop. 

With an intense musical maturity, ‘Osiris’ is a peak-time banger. It is a meticulously crafted tune that features exuberant orchestral adornments, which elevate the song to another skill-level. It is a stellar cut from Hysaze x Someone Else that is laced with magnetic percussion and stimulating sound design. This tremendous Trap track revels in churning melodies, pulsating synths, and throbbing basslines layered over a blazing atmosphere. The statuesque pulses of this well-crafted banger create an unrelenting temperature that will compel the crowd to rave hard. Right from the start, the duo treats the song with Middle Eastern Trap elements hyped by a melodic flow and swirling cadences for an astringent effect.  

Released on Tribal Trap, ‘Osiris’ echoes perfection with a stint on flowing rhythmic structures along with a driving tempo. The catchy melody and bright percussion through the poised spikes brim with a buoyant vibe. Hysaze & Someone Else have unlocked a new mastery level with this intricate tune, wrapped in bone-chilling motifs and harmonic twists and turns. It is a colorful affair that perfectly draws inspiration from eastern influences and the result is a real festival anthem!

Stream ‘Hysaze x Someone Else – Osiris’ on YouTube below!

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More About Hysaze:

Harshit Singh, a.k.a, Hysaze is a Trap/Future Bass Music Producer from Delhi, India. With over 1M+ streams and featuring on various editorials like Friday Cratediggersmint India and Pulse his audience is growing at a fast pace!

More About Someone Else:

Someone Else is the latest moniker of the 18 Year Old Wunderkind named Jessenth Ebenezer. With almost 500k plays off bootlegs and remixes on SoundCloud and YouTube, he had a strong debut in February 6, 2020 with a cover of Netflix’s The Witcher Theme Song – Toss a Coin To Your Witcher signed to Magic Records along with Dvbber Dvn crossing 100k in three days. Everything was going smoothly and then on one fine day, 28th March, 2020, the track was re-released in “8D” and, with the advent of the 8D Tunes phenomenon, the re-release, along with Dance Monkey went on to hit hundreds of thousands of plays within weeks, making his debut song go viral in around 21 countries, also cementing him as the first Indian EDM Producer so far to have a release appear on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and as of 24 June, the release has over 2 million streams on Spotify and a second re-release, this time, a “Nightcore” version partnered with Syrex is out as well. This phenomenal debut is just a start for his musical journey as he follows it up with yet another Netflix Cover, this time hitting the Viral 50 Charts in his home country, India. Besides music, he is also a CEO of his own Tech Startup, he’s busy balancing two of his greatest passions, Computers and Music.

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