Extra Terra Takes Us to his Cyberpunk World on ‘Projekt 2077’

Boris Hoechstetter goes by the name of Extra Terra in the EDM industry. The dynamic artist quickly rose to fame and recognition in just a few years with his spine-tingling otherworldly music. He brings a futuristic, ear-melting bassy edge to his releases, and this Repost Network song entitled ‘Projekt 2077’ from the Extra Terra album of the same name is no exception. This tune will hit the listeners hard. The intricate nuances and sheer innovative edge with a no-holds-barred approach will compel you to rock to this Midtempo Bass madness.

‘Projekt 2077’ is a provocative delivery that harnesses the concoction of sonic sanguinity in a near-perfect manner. The song features a shrieking synth line, fused with a hard-hitting bass, which successfully cranks up the energy level of the track from the get-go. This Repost Network delivery is a pulsating and strongly enigmatic cut that explores a new depth and magnificence of the Midtempo Bass genre. It is a propulsive and contemplative affair with mean percussive elements that give vibrancy to the tune. The track is an impeccable production and has a theatrical edge. This release combines and fuses a seductive blend of orchestral layers to incorporate a vivacious feel to the song.

From the Extra Terra album, ‘Projekt 2077’ is a heavy-hitting tune that dabbles in glittering beats and dirty synth sections to create a fierce and high-strung aura. Rolled out via Repost Network, the track is a magnificent piece that kicks off with invigorating rhythms and intoxicating melodies that will captivate the listeners. ET has produced this banger by combining his superlative style with compelling bass elements, which he aces with an extra-terrestrial signature touch. The song features musical cadences and ardent musicality while the slick and sharp atmosphere raves around with a mesmerizing futuristic ambiance.

‘Projekt 2077’ is loaded with thunderous percussion and impassioned synth, making this avant-garde song one of a kind. It has a tuneful melody that is laden with firing rhythms and delicious pulses along with celestial riffs that will bring shivers to your spine. If the electrifying boom of the track ‘Projekt 2077’ is any indication, it is that the Extra Terra album is going to blow our socks off! The album is available now on all music streaming services! Enjoy!

Stream ‘Extra Terra – Projekt 2077’ on YouTube below!

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More About Extra Terra:

Boris H, better known as Extra Terra, is currently one of the most promising Bass Music & Multi-genre artist from France. In only few years he has been able to bring his truly unique sound design and melodies to the forefront of the scene. With successful collaborations with Riot Ten, Eliminate, and original releases on Buygore, Otodayo, Play Me and Firepower Records, Extra Terra’s music can be heard at clubs and festivals around the world from the likes of Infected Mushroom, Borgore, Herobust, Bear Grillz and many more.

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