Gestört aber GeiL Share Their EDM Rendition of Phil Collins’ Another Day in Paradise

Gestört aber GeiL is a Germany based DJ duo who craft sensational sounds in the melodic Tech House and Deep House genre with catchy Pop influences. Rolled out via Polydor, the duo has put their own spin on the timeless tune, ’Another Day in Paradise’ by Phil Collins. This Phil Collins remix joins the list of epic covers we’ve featured, including notably THAT KIND‘s rendition of Fleetwood Mac‘s Dreams featured earlier this week. Since Gestört aber GeiL is no stranger to remixing classic tracks into power-fueled mega dance numbers; therefore, with their Another Day in Paradise remix, the duo has once again proved that they master the art of reinventing classic tunes. 

This Phil Collins remix is a powerful delivery that features celestial melodies, pulsating bassline, and shaking synth stabs. While Gestört aber GeiL has retained the lyrical section of the track, their Midas touch has catapulted the Pop melody into a banging EDM mix. This Another Day in Paradise remix is a lyrical affair with a lively vibe that is highly captivating. This enticing version of the tune has innovative sound design and contains highly creative bass patterns that are blended with melodious keys that add a unique flair to it. Issued by Polydor, the artistic duo has unleashed a real crowd-pleaser with this superlative tune.

This Another Day in Paradise remix by Gestört aber GeiL is a meticulous stomper with masterfully crafted ardent swings and fervent swirls. It is a release that will spellbind the dance music fans. This Phil Collins remix will grab your attention with its fabulous blend of colorful melodies. The euphoric aura of the track adds flavor to the production as it is built with anthemic synths. This Polydor presentation is a refreshing treat that will mesmerize the listeners.

The duo has delivered a melodic banger with their Another Day in Paradise remix that gives off a real festive vibe. The beauty of the song lies in the impressive production by the group as they maintain the air of control with uplifting melodies and make perfect use of the memorable vocal. Gestört aber GeiL‘s take on the track is irresistible and intoxicating!

Stream ‘Gestört aber GeiL – Another Day In Paradise’ on YouTube below!

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