Amir Telem Drops Progressive Gem ‘The Gopi’s Song of Separation’

Amir Telem is famous for incorporating the philosophical edge to his music with deep and luxurious sounds in the Progressive House and Melodic Techno genres. His latest track, ‘The Gopi’s Song of Separation,’ as now been premiered via Toka Music. The song is also released via Perspectives Digital and part of their latest compilation titled ‘Perspectives Around the World, Vol.3.’  The ‘Gopi’s Song of Separation’ is built on the message of divine energy and peace, which draws inspiration from the eastern Vedas.

‘The Gopi’s Song of Separation’ by Amir Telem is laced with vibrant energy, which gives off a spellbinding and feel-good vibe. This song is fueled with stomping rhythms and trance-inducing beats that will put you under a spell. This Toka Music premiere is a beautiful composition with soft atmospheric pads and heavenly percussion that are layered over crisp vocal snippets, making it a hard-to-resist melodic opus. The artist has an ear for light and soulful melodies, as well as a flow that can handle sweet aggressiveness, proving his ability to craft this Progressive House tune efficiently.

The hazy pulse of the production enhances the intoxicating energy of the track ‘The Gopi’s Song of Separation.’ The compelling aesthetic of the artist adds an innovative dimension to the composition, allowing him to find an uncanny balance between a party song, and an introspective ballad. This track from the Perspectives Digital compilation is abuzz with the rhythmic bassline, which is accompanied by blissful synth, creating a euphoric aura. Artful yet full of cadence, the impact of this Progressive House cut is awe-inspiring. Hence, the song feels intoxicating but perfectly lucid as Amir Telem keeps the tune sharp and focused with exuberant and soothing elements. 

‘The Gopi’s Song of Separation’ is a clever play by Amir Telem, which perfectly shows the emotional acuity. Presented by Toka Music and Perspectives Digital, this track utilizes the musical detonations with a hint of lightness and melodic flair, brimming with sonic layering. Part of the new Perspectives Digital compilation, it is an energetic yet ambient song that will engulf the listeners in its hypnotically symphonic aura.

Stream ‘Amir Telem – The Gopi’s Song of Separation’ on YouTube below!

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More About Amir Telem:

From the underground scene of NYC, through the beaches of Tulum to the desert of Burning-Man, Amir have spread the magic of music and yoga while connecting to people from all over the globe. Currently, Amir is located in Israel and working on his original music, which contains spiritual messages from the Vedas (the ancient wisdom of Yoga).

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