Factory 93 Presents MODULE 1 [Compilation]

Mha Iri & Subject32 - Solace is OUT NOW! This new Mha Iri & Subject32 song is a dark & pounding new peak time Techno song!
Mha Iri & Subject32 - Solace is OUT NOW! This new Mha Iri & Subject32 song is a dark & pounding new peak time Techno song!

Factory 93 just released their new Techno music 2022 compilation entitled MODULE 1 that features fresh bangers from UK-based Techno wizard Mha Iri, conceptual sci-fi themed project Subject32, as well as Scottish duo Loco & Jam among others. The raw and untamed sounds discovered on the compilation are an ideal introduction to the label’s distinct, dark and abstract kind of Techno.

One thing that unites all songs on the MODULE 1 compilation is the rare type of Techno sound, that seems like it’s continuing the legacy of the best traditions from the early 2000s underground scene. The somehow dystopian vibes one may get from the music heard on Factory 93’s new Techno compilation are, both, hard to find on any other label in 2022, and almost impossible to not be mesmerized by, if you’re a long-time Techno fan.

MODULE 1 starts with the collaborative effort of two distinct voices in the genre: Mha Iri, the versatile producer from the UK with innovative and recognizable sound & Subject32, whose music can be described as post-apocalyptic and dark, with a fair amount of hi-tech-inspired sound-design techniques used in the production. With the track titled Solace, one gets everything they would’ve expected from such a clash of talents. Despite being a 7-minute track, it never manages to bore. It’s a highly energetic, detailed and atmospheric track, with an infinitely deep sound, which makes one feel like they’re staring into an abyss.

A thematically similar exploration can be found on the second track from the Factory 93 MODULE 1 compilation. Although the new Loco & Jam track Get Back is a bit lighter experience in terms of atmosphere, the music of the Scottish Duo still has the aggression and the vibes of a dystopian city from the future. The difference is, that Get Back is somehow laid-back when compared to the action music of Mha Iri and Subject 32, as if we finally escape the “chasers” and have a chance to take a look at the cityscape of this mysterious city.

Everything from that point only keeps intensifying on the Factory 93 release. And while it’s perhaps the only track that allows us to “rest” during the roughly 25-minute compilation, it feels like MODULE 1 would either lose in its impact with more restful numbers, or would be too intense for one continuous listen without it.

Stream Mha Iri & Subject32 – Solace on Spotify below!

Stream Loco & Jam – Let’s Get Back on Spotify below!

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