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eskuche interview with EKM.CO - Tech House

Hey Eskuche! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, we are thrilled to get to know the man behind so many club anthems! How did it all start for you? Tell us how Eskuche is born.

Eskuche started for me when I first moved to New York City and the feeling walking into a dance floor like Cielo and Pacha really blew my mind. As I counted dancing and listening to the music I immediately knew I wanted to be apart of this community.

Where does the name Eskuche come from?

Eskuche in Spanish means “listen” and I figured it would fit well as you really need to have an ear to find your own unique style of creating music.

Who is your biggest inspiration / influence in your music career?

This question is difficult as I love listening to different styles of artist’s music, however, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones and Green Velvet have really inspired me to create the music I do today.

What do you consider to be the incisive moments in your career?

Touring and being apart of Green Velvet’s infamous brand LA LA LAND last year was definitely a big highlight in my career which lead me to work with other great talented producers. Last year playing Elrow shows was really magical with top production, confetti and crazy decorations was unreal as the fans went nuts!

What night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ and as an attendee? Were you a “party animal” before becoming a producer?

The most memorable nights were in the New York legendary venue Pacha. It was the first venue I attended when I moved to NYC in 2010. The vibe absolutely blew my mind and definitely inspired me to become who I am today. And yes, sometimes with great vibes and the music going that “party animal” comes out.

You’ve collaborated with many legends (notably Prok & Fitch and Tube & Berger), how was your experience to work with such amazing pioneers of the genre?

Working with both these legends was a huge pleasure and both of our collabs happened quickly and we connected so well in studio which was amazing. We did these tracks in one breath and bounced so many ideas back and forth from each other.

You seem to be traveling a lot, do you have a favorite destination? Why?

My favorite place to travel is definitely Ibiza. I also love the UK but traveling in Thailand and experiencing their culture was mind blowing.

Tell us about your Ibiza experiences? How did you end up performing there?

After living in Ibiza for a few years, I immediately found a variety of unique sounds and helped me get creative with my productions. I was booked to play some great parties in Ibiza and the vibe was another great memorable moments. It was also a great experience for my personal life, the island itself is very beautiful and inspiring.

Where do you feel home? NYC? Russia? Ibiza?

They all feel like home, I moved to Miami back in January and now it feels like a new beginning! I can’t wait for what this new chapter will hold.

You’ve signed releases on some of the top record labels in the Tech House genre, tell us Eskuche’s secret. Any advice you could give young producer to try to make it on big labels like you?

I think the most important is not to rush things and try to find and create your sound and then polish it. Also network! Go and try to meet your favorite Djs and introduce yourself, ask his email or give a USB with your music when you are ready and confident in your production.

If you weren’t producing House music, do you have any other genres that you would like to produce? And did you ever release songs in complete different genres?

I tried to produce hip hop, love it but it was nothing compared to producing House Music. I also really enjoy to produce everything from deep and minimal to very banging, even techno.

What genres of music do you usually listen to? Same as you produce or totally different genres? Give us a few tracks that you’ve been hooked on lately.

I like lots of of different genres of music, there is nothing like finding new music and styles. Billie Eilish – When the party is over produced by her brother Finheas really blew me away with its depth, simplicity and amazing vocal layering. This track actually inspired me to concentrate more on working and be creative with vocals!

If Eskuche could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?

Very good question, probably 2013 or 2014, these were really inspiring years for me both musically and truly being apart of the music scene. Those were some really great times.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Fuckpony – Bongo Porn (Tale OF US & Jay Haze remix) I think it was released in 2012 and I still play it sometimes and it always gets the crowd going!

What was a day like for Eskuche during lockdown?

Staying positive and using and making music, yoga, fresh juice, learning Spanish & piano, go to the beach and rollerblading.

Can you give us a sneak peek of something you are working on?

Sept 4th I am releasing another EP out on Green Velvet label – Relief Records titled ‘Eskuche – Bass Face.’ This release is an EP, I’ve been working on and can’t wait to get it out! I have a single releasing on Nic Fanciulli’s – SAVED Label. Really excited about both of these releases, been playing them before lockdown and they were always delivering for me!

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