Dylan Tauber – Sounds from Space [IDM / Electronica]

Dylan Tauber - Sounds from Space - IDM - EKM.CO
Dylan Tauber - Sounds from Space - IDM - EKM.CO

“Dylan Tauber – Sounds from Space” is a real treat for fans of deep IDM, Electronica and Experimental music with a strong orchestral/cinematic flavor. This is Dylan’s 12th album, the Israeli electronica visionary artist takes us on a deep cerebral musical introspection with his haunting atmospheric soundscapes and breathtaking harmonies. The transcendent album offers a very unique and unexpected evolution, exploiting many different genres of electronic music, Dylan shows that he can successfully offer a variety of distinct sounds while always gifting a transporting feeling to the listener. “Sounds from Space” also features the stunning vocals from Enlia & Francessca Belisario, adding a poetic and ethereal aura to the opus. This album is best enjoyed with a pair of quality headphones, just hit the play button at track one and let Dylan take you on a deep musical journey. Make sure to keep an eye on his social media networks to stay up to date with his releases & tour dates.

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Check out his music video for “He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)

More about Dylan Tauber:

Dylan Tauber is an award winning electronic musician, artist, and author, who has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now in northern Israel.

Dylan Tauber has been producing music, artwork, and writing since he began his prolific 20 year career in 1996 with the ambitious Double Mirrors anthology, which includes a book, video slide shows, soundtrack, and companion website at www.DoubleMirrors.com. The Double Mirrors project evolves years later, as Tauber continues to explore the cyber-spiritual revolution. In addition to releasing twelve ambient / electronica / trance music albums (10 for free download) through his Son of Waves Studios music label, Dylan runs a network of fifteen web sites which include an online imaging / photo gallery, and a video archive. This network of web sites has reached over 2.3 million page views since 1996. Dylan completed a circle around the planet from 2000-2001, beginning and ending in Israel. He published two books in 2001, and two ebooks in 2013. A picture book of Dylan’s photography and digital art was published in 2005. In 2015 Dylan Tauber completed his eighth album, titled “Near Death Experience”.

Also in 2015, Dylan produced a 9th album titled “Dolphin Trance”. In 2016, Dylan completed a new 10th album, “Dolphin Trance 2”, and an 11nth album, which is a compilation of all his best songs from 2006- 2016 (the second ten year period of Dylan Tauber’s career). This new project is entirely electronic music with vocals. In October, 2017, Tauber released a new 12th album, “Sounds from Space”, featuring ambient soundscapes, and the vocals of Enlia and Francessca Belisario. A single from this album, “He Loves Carmen Remix (Radio Edit)”, was released in July, 2017. Dylan’s music has been featured on over 60 radio stations since 2013, and reviewed in many music publications. “This is my 12th album, and was inspired by my girlfriend Carmen from the Philippines. “Carmen Song” was recorded with her sitting next to me.”


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