David Lindmer – Omen feat Johanson | Stunning Music Video

Most creative visionaries have a keen sense for audiovisual ingenuity. The UK-born producer David Lindmer‘s track record in the VFX industry is artistically enthralling, which also translates well to his music. Taking Melodic House & Techno to cinematic heights, his firebrand of Techno remains unmatched. Released via his own label Running Clouds, “David Lindmer – Omen feat Johanson” is a brooding yet powerful track that delves in contemplation. This new David Lindmer music video by DRUST tells a compelling story with stunning visual exposition.

This new David Lindmer music video by DRUST navigates through fatal relationships and its complex emotional consequences. As a deeply personal piece, “David Lindmer – Omen feat Johanson” renders its themes with a somber, melancholic atmosphere that gracefully build with emotion. Accompanied by Berlin-based singer Johanson, his gentle vocals melt with the subdued layers of lush synths. With mysterious dance floor flashbacks, “Omen” resolves into a deep dive into David Lindmer’s emotions. Blurring the thin line of desire and hopelessness, “Omen” becomes the perfect doom-impending soundtrack for the picture. The piercing sense of anguish synergizes well with the musical arrangement and Johanson’s defeated intonations.

“David Lindmer – Omen feat Johanson” is like watching a critically-acclaimed indie film. Except, however, David Lindmer, DRUST, and Johanson are able to accomplish this in a head rush of only 5 minutes. With a pumping Techno beat dictating every plot twist, the interplay between cinema and electronic music is masterfully executed. The melodic cascades of dark ’80s-influenced synths and chords push the song to dramatic momentum. “Omen” is a compelling track, and this is definitely something you don’t want to miss. Released via Running Clouds, “Omen” is available now. Check out this new David Lindmer music video by DRUST below. More streaming options can also be found HERE.

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