CryJaxx & 7vvch – SAN ANDREAS (GTA Theme Remix)

Ah shit, here we go again: the immortal Grand Theft Auto SAN ANDREAS theme song gets a Phonk remix by CryJaxx & 7vvch, who fill the 90s GTA Los Santos with some modern glittery colors. The release is a great opportunity to revisit Grove Street in 2023 for a nostalgic ride on that blue Greenwood with the Phonk/Trap music blasting through the car speakers.

The instantly recognizable G-Funk riff went through some transformations on the CryJaxx version, who surprised the listeners with another interpretation of a classic tune a month earlier with their Phonky Halloween. The new track is not as grim as the previous release by the Albanian duo, but it still has the humorous edge to it, which was one of the highlight elements on the remix of Carpenter’s classic.

On SAN ANDREAS, CryJaxx & 7vvch reanimate CJ’s famous exploitable meme phrase โ€œAh shit, here we go againโ€, which at this point is an inseparable part of internet folklore. It’s not clear whether it’s self-irony, considering the insane amount of remix and cover-versions for the theme music of Rockstar Games’ classic game in the Grand Theft Auto series, or just an homage to GTA SAN ANDREAS‘ main protagonist, but the fact is that the Phonk version manages to evoke nostalgic feelings with just a short sample.

It certainly would not be enough if the producers limited themselves to just that, hence we have the feisty basslines and the stomping drum sections that occasionally slow down and go fully Hip Hop, although heavily adjusted to fit the aesthetics of the modern era. Judging from those two latest releases, it seems like CryJaxx are warming us up for a much bigger expedition into the world of Phonk/Trap Music in 2023.

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