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The new Ceas & Sinners 2023 song Atlantis brings a deep and mesmerizing Melodic / Progressive House music sound from the EP by the same name!
The new Ceas & Sinners 2023 song Atlantis brings a deep and mesmerizing Melodic / Progressive House music sound from the EP by the same name!

2023 marks five years since deep Melodic / Progressive House music artist Ceas debuted the single Seahorses which became an instant hit. With a catalog of over a dozen songs released since that introduction put him on the map, Ceas now returns with another subaquatic-themed single titled Atlantis. For Atlantis, Ceas teams up again with the label Sinners. The France-based label has brought us many intriguing House and Techno singles including Failure by Aalson and OT by Wojmann. Atlantis, the new Ceas & Sinners 2023 song marks their second release together following the 2022 EP Omen.

Ceas has established mastery in creating tranquil soundscape destinations. For Atlantis, Ceas recreates the submerged city through music. It starts with a dry kick drum pulse and slow-moving string pads. At the beginning of each four-measure phrase, we hear warm bowed bass drones with quick releases. Eventually, the scene is then joined by busy moving hi-hats and torrid clapping snare drum. These editions bring about the full House groove. A steady beating square-waved synth then joins in with the hi-hats in matching their straight sixteenth note cadence. Also making their presence heard are bubbly bouncing mid-ranged arpeggios that sprout randomly.

The beat then subsides leaving solemn cinematic instruments slowly changing chords while the effervescent arpeggios continue. The low end then returns as well as increased dynamics for all instruments up to the point of the beats reestablishment. After repeating the sequence of going between sections with and without the beat, Ceas then begins to introduce fluttering Dubstep-sounding synths into the mix. These synths were hinted during the song’s second sequence and now take center stage for the third and final passage. This new sonic focus provides a lively climax to the track. Lastly, a final regression occurs where all sounds gradually leave. The only instrument remaining in the end, is the original dry kick drum pulse.

Atlantis, the new Ceas & Sinners 2023 song is just as satisfying as Stern, the 2022 collaboration between Ceas and Teho which was released under Teho’s own label Labo T Records. Both songs have a nice balance of ambient and beat driven passages which is what we deep Melodic / Progressive House music enthusiasts continue to crave for in 2023. With our cravings satisfied, we now look forward to many more future releases from Ceas.

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