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The new Birrd & Yotanka Records song Metropolis gets an atmospheric music video that explores the poetics of concrete filtered through the sound & texture of deep melodic & emotional Techno. Part of the Franco-Italian-American producer Birrd’s Alpa EP, the cold sonic palette of the new song allows us to peek into the dark and elegant substance of the record.

The music video for the new Birrd & Yotanka Records song represents a collage of urban architecture of Chicago, masterfully staged to fit the viscous, yet piercing vibes of the track. Stefan Vogel’s sound design is a twofold phenomenon on Metropolis. Having the smooth, straight contours at its core, with glassy minimalist ornamentation that overflows with colors, like the ones on the buildings in the style of the Chicago School, it’s also capable of stomping the listeners into the ground with its massive low-end and punchy rhythm-sections.

Even if one takes Metropolis out of context and listens to it without knowing the title or seeing the visuals, the urban aesthetics woven into the sound of Birrd’s new deep melodic & emotional Techno song are so persistent that it’s hard to associate them with anything outside the concrete jungles of modern megalopolises. With all its strictness and machine-driven facade, however, Metropolis still manages to communicate very humane and touching feelings.

Every lead-synth, every arpeggio on the track somehow emits emotions, despite the fact that their movements sound as upright or as straightforward as the ones of an elevator or a subway wagon. What’s even more important, is that the aftertaste from Birrd’s single for the Alpa EP is capable of haunting the listener long after the last play, partially because the production perfectly fits the autumnal weather.

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