Beubeu – Future is Past | Live Video: Nomad Session #7

The new Beubeu song Future is Past, with its spacey and melody-rich production, is so dynamic and vigorous that it’ll get any listener into the state of daydreaming from its first seconds. As a part of Beubeu’s audiovisual series called Nomad Session, the flawlessly produced track also gets a fitting live music video, all of which result in four-and-a-half minutes of beautiful Melodic Techno music with stunning visuals.

Analog sounds are the flesh and bones of Future is Past. The stem of the song is a bright and sunny pad that’s designed with the use of Roland’s legendary Juno synthesizer, that’s also present during the live performance of Beubeu’s new piece of Melodic Techno music. The ubiquitous presence of it covers the whole track, touching its every element, starting with other analog synth melodies and percussive modular sounds, and ending with the drums. The latter form a solid and tight foundation for the new Beubeu song.

The Nomad Session music video perfectly corresponds with the ever-expanding and all-encompassing pads of Future is Past. The infinite horizon with fragments of dunes, combined with the shallow waters that reflect the peaceful sky, emphasize and complement the musical experience.

The new Beubeu song sounds like it’s expanding in all the perceptible dimensions. Surprisingly, the mass of the Juno pad doesn’t make Future is Past sound static, but on the opposite, with the combination of sidechained bass and soft-sounding kick drums, it makes the track breathe with energy even during the less intense bridge parts. It’s a carefully crafted soulful Techno track which expands into the outside world and envelops it with its energy, at the same time managing to find its way to the hearts of the fans with the more melodic parts.

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