Eran Hersh Puts His Spin on Passenger 10’s ‘Tales and Dreams’

Eran Hersh, Passenger 10, Enormous Tunes

We always dig those remixes that elevate the track while retaining its original essence. The US-based DJ and music producer Eran Hersh has achieved this feat with finesse on his remix of Passenger 10’s track ‘Tales and Dreams.’ Released via Enormous Tunes, this track is imbibed with solid vibrancy and softness. With this remix, Hersh shows true potential as he exquisitely makes the track sound like his own. Through his skillful direction, the song goes through a free-spirited metamorphosis that is totally addictive.

The sparkling remix of Passenger 10’s ‘Tales and Dreams’ by Eran Hersh features a powerful synth line, accompanied by a booming bass that sets the tone of the song, with moments of tranquil in between. This Enormous Tunes release is bold for pushing the tangible boundaries of the Melodic House & Techno genre. The artist flawlessly fuses the alluring percussive elements to treat the listeners with a temperate banger. This remix is a total crowd-pleaser that gives off lively vibes because of its mesmeric rhythms and charismatic melodies.

Eran Hersh’s remix of ‘Tales and Dreams’ is pulsating, and profoundly enigmatic with its fusion of elements. The song is intoxicating and fierce, however, the melodic sections are delicate, which allows interweaving moments of highs and subtle lows. This harmonious song is laden with bouncing synth, fervent basslines, and percussion that add beauty to it. The artist has structured this track with an exceptional arrangement, making it a winning cut. The world-music flavor of the melodic arrangements in the song contribute to fresh and rejuvenating sounds.

Eran Hersh’s version of Passenger 10’s track ‘Tales and Dreams’ has catchy rhythms and ardent melodies. The song contains vicious percussion layered over the audacious beats. This superb arrangement amplifies the overall energy of the song. The track gives off as effervescent dynamic vibe that will compel you to listen to it on repeat. Issued by Enormous Tunes, this remix is simply irresistible!

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More About Eran Hersh:

Eran Hersh has traveled far and wide to pursue his career ambitions. Originally born in Israel where his love of music first began to blossom, the talented DJ and producer is now based in the U.S and is building up a steady catalogue of successful releases over the past few years. He has stepped up the game considerably in 2019 which has no doubt been his biggest year to date. Eran played EDC LV & Ultra Miami and in some of the best clubs around. With releases on EDX’s Sirup Music and Fedde Le Grand‘s Flamingo Recordings early in the year, he carried on this positive momentum with a spectacular remix of Offer Nissim‘s popular hit ‘Alone‘. Now it’s time for his latest ‘Cake’, ‘Just A Beat’ and ’The Last One’ all available now on PinkStar Records.

Eran is quickly becoming a well sought after DJ and producer. He is loyal to his fans, as well as to himself, and with so much to offer, this multi-talented DJ is just waiting to be exposed. There will definitely be more to come in the future from Eran Hersh who is definitely one to look out for in the future. Be sure to follow him on social media to be the first to hear his future music and learn more about his live performances.