Majestic & Deuce Drop Some Serious Heat on ‘Special Forces’

Majestic’s collaboration with Deuce on the track ‘Special Forces’ is smoke and fire. While Deuce handles the composition of the track with exceptional finesse, Majestic wows the listeners with his flamboyant Rap style. This track is uber-cool and extremely relevant to snag a spot on any quality Hip Hop playlist. The duo’s pairing on the song has worked like magic. They both fused their talents to give an auditory treat to Rap fans.

Majestic has shown outstanding skills on ‘Special Forces,’ proving just why he is a solid upcoming MC. He has effortlessly blended his dope bars with the fierce beats. The track has a bouncy rhythm that perfectly complements his vocals, adding a buoyant vibe to it. This tune is a glove-like fit for Hip Hop playlists. Deuce utilizes the driving beats with a subtle strength that does not outshine the vocal throughout the track. Compositions like this are enticing for the listeners as this track is a delight for Rap fans.

‘Special Forces’ by Majestic and Deuce vibrates with percussive energy. Whereas, the crashing basslines give this meticulous cut an extra oomph. This is a convincing effort that will stun you with its powerful aura. This track creates a feisty mood and is glazed with ravishing Rap along.

Majestic showcases his talent by assembling his fierce bars over the tantalizing production of ‘Special Forces’ by Deuce. The song features very peculiar harmonic elements that add an astonishing appeal to this track. The overwhelming vocals and intense beats of this heavy-hitting song will have you hooked for sure. ‘Special Forces’ is a must-have addition to your Hip Hop playlists!

Stream ‘Majestic x Deuce – Special Forces’ on YouTube below!

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More About Deuce:

One of the founding members of Hollywood Undead, rapper, producer, and songwriter Deuce broke out on his own in 2010. His first solo effort, the Two Thousand and Eight EP, was released while he was in the band, but when he failed to show up on tour a year later, fans began to wonder. His departure would be officially announced in 2010 and a series of diss tracks would be released by both parties throughout the next year. Deuce would follow it all with his debut album, Nine Lives, which was released by the Five Seven label in 2012. The Deuce Remixxxed EP landed that same year, then in 2013, he joined Middle Class Rut and Thousand Foot Krutch on the Rock on the Range tour across America. In 2014 he performed in Moscow, Russia and released the single “Nightmare.” 2015 saw Deuce release his sophomore long-player, Invincible, for free online. A proper physical release of the album followed in 2017. 

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