Best of [MOOMBAH] New Jon Kwest, Munchi, Mendez and More! [Week 08]


Since the rise of the Twerk music trend, Moombahton kinda came back (was it really gone?) since the BPM is almost the same, I noticed more and more producers blending the 2 genres but still, there’s not enough beat makers doing it. Moombah is still staying low profile even if it is so effective in a DJ set with a proper crowd! This playlist pretty much features some of the pioneers of Moombahton music, producers like Sol Selectas, Schlachthofbronx, Sabo, Nadastrom, Jon Kwest, Munchi, Mendez and Ostblockschlampen have been representing that 110BPM since the beginning! Don’t expect just your typical Moombahton though, the freebies in this playlist goes from old school to nu school, Glitch Hop and some very Hip Hop influenced vibes, enjoy the free music and remember to share the good stuff!