Zak Joshua Unveils ‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do’

The latter half of this year has been quite busy for the UK-based musician, Zak Joshua. He kept the dance community buzzing by releasing bangers such as ‘Let the Light In,’ and ‘Let’s Take It Back.’ However, the artist is not ready to slow down anytime soon. He is back with a new deep Progressive House single called ‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do.’ This new Zak Joshua music has all the elements to invade your senses. It is a resonant affair that will drench you in its expressive aura. The track has been released on his label, NEMESIS92. 

This new Zak Joshua music is a smooth blend of easy-flowing melodies and pulling vocal sections. It is a track that will feed your soul with its lyrical benevolence. This new deep Progressive House tune is tightly structured with a rich melodic flair. The atmospheric ambiance is heightened by the pulsing composition layered over the shimmering beats. This NEMESIS92 release never falters into a monotonous zone as the tune intensifies with an ever-moving momentum that will spellbind you. 

This new deep Progressive House song from Zak Joshua is held together with vivid percussion that adds a sharpness to the mix. The fast-paced vocal intonations are splintered and spliced with uncanny harmonies. Rolled out via NEMESIS92, ‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do’ is embellished with a contrasting euphoria that will leave the listeners yearning for more. The emotiveness and upbeat vibe of this song will resonate with the listeners on a deeper level.

This new Zak Joshua music features a gorgeous soundscape and flashes of dark passion that is hyped by the alluring vocals. The graceful fluidity and innovative rhythms of the track display Joshua’s skills as a composer. We already can’t wait to see what he does next!

Stream ‘Zak Joshua – You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do’ on YouTube below!

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More About Zak Joshua:

UK based Dance artist Zak Joshua first burst onto the scene in mysterious circumstances back in 2014, with his first solo track, ‘Figure It Out’, receiving a cult following on rising Youtube platform ‘Selected’, going on to accrue over 5 million views in the time since.

At the beginning of 2019, ‘Selected’ approached Zak to put together the full release ‘Figure It Out’ deserved, updated with new vocals and a fresh sonic polish. This set the wheels in motion for a re-evaluation of his goals as an artist, and a renewed ambition to make his mark on the dance scene at large.

Zak Joshua’s releases throughout 2020 range from the accessible vocal house stylings of ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ & ‘Let’s Take It Back’ (both released on the up-and-coming label ‘House Essential Records’) to the melancholic lo-fi sounds of ‘Let The Light In’. The latter received heavy support from superstar Martin Garrix, featuring as the first track on his prestigious online radio show and across a number of his personal playlists.

‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do’ is the first release on Zak’s new label, ‘NEMESIS92’. This label serves as a home for his more underground creative ideas. The label takes its name from his father; one of the first large-scale legal rave promoters of the late 80’s and early 90’s, whose brand was a byword for top-quality events across the UK.