Yuraa – Give Into You

Fans of Fred Again will fall in love with the deep and mesmerizing House Electronica music vibe of Yuraa's debut single Give Into You.
Fans of Fred Again will fall in love with the deep and mesmerizing House Electronica music vibe of Yuraa's debut single Give Into You.

If you’re like us and constantly searching for music like Fred Again, Cri, Caribou or Tourist, then we strongly suggest listening to the new debut single by the UK-Based Electronica duo Yuraa. The song is titled Give Into You and it presents an upbeat and captivating Deep House / Electronica music vibe. On their Instagram page, Yuraa describes their music as made “for sensitive hearts that like to dance”. Give Into You convincingly meets those expectations.

Yuraa – Give Into You is built upon a song structure containing a verse followed by a pre-chorus and culminating with its chorus. The cycle occurs twice within the song with slight alterations to each round of it. The verse is a quick building section that is built upon a warm and smooth-sounding synthesizer playing block chord changes. An alluring yet vulnerable-sounding vocal melody is sung over the synth chord changes. Additionally, a distant four-on-the-floor beat begins to evolve around the vocals. The lyrics portray the feeling of finally letting go of all fear and hesitation when it comes to letting yourself finally fall in love with someone. At its peak, the verse includes busy rhythmic bucket drums, shakers, and synthetic claps. A gentle pulsing bassline is also present throughout the verse.

The pre-chorus is a brief breakdown section following the verse. During this section, just the synth chords, kick drum, and bass remain present as all other percussion drops out. The vocalist repeats the song’s title phrase during this section while a scratchy rhythmic synth emerges around it. It is that scratchy synth that represents the element of build-up in this section that leads to a full and present House groove drop that signals the start of the chorus section. During the chorus, the vocalist continues to repeat the phrase “give into you” throughout its entirety. Digitally altered vocalizations also aid the singing during the chorus. These vocalizations include reversing effects that enhance the already vibrant House music groove making it irresistible to control the urge to dance.

Overall, Give Into You is a captivating debut for Yuraa leaving us excited to await the release of more singles from them. For the interim, Give Into You‘s Deep House / Electronica music vibe allows us to scratch that itch of discovering more music like Fred Again and CRi. It also leaves us wanting to seek out more music like Yuraa.

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